Emergency Essentials®

100-Gallon Boxed Water Kit

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Emergency Essentials®
100-Gallon Boxed Water Kit
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Water storage is crucial to have in an emergency, and these boxes make your water storage easily portable in case of evacuation. The 100 gallon boxed water kit includes 20 heavy-duty boxes, each with its own metalized five-gallon water storage bag with pour spout. The heavy-duty boxes come with perforations that allow for conversion to a portable toilet. This added sanitation makes the 100 gallon boxed water kit even more useful.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Water can become undrinkable through chemical or microorganism contamination.  These metalized bags protect stored water from chemical and microbiological contaminants keeping the water clean until the bags are compromised or torn. The water that is put in the bags need to be clean originally.

After filling, each water box weighs approximately 40 lbs. Take caution when filling bags to avoid getting water on the boxes. After placing the full bags in boxes, they can be stacked up to three high to save space.

NOTE: The included rubber spigots are easiest to remove by pulling back (up and sideways) at the same time to release from the bag.
Tech Specs
Whole Kit (Empty): 31 lbs
Each box will weigh 40 lbs. if filled to capacity
Assembled Box Dimensions:
9” high x 9.5” wide x 16” long
Kit Dimensions as packed:
16.3” x 19.3” x 25.9”
  • (20) - Metalized Water Bag
  • (20) - Storage Box
  • (60) - Piece of Tape
  • (1) - Instructions

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