With the change of seasons, it’s time to update your Grab & Go Bag—or 72-hour Kit, Bug-out Bag, Emergency Kit, Evac Kit, or whatever you prefer to call it! Update both your personal kit and one for your car. BABY STEP 1: Update Your Personal Grab and Go Bag

Items for a Winter Grab and go bag

Think about what items you’d be glad to have if you had to leave your home in the spur of the moment with chilly weather waiting to greet you outside. You’ll definitely want things to help you stay warm and dry, right? Depending on your climate, consider adding a few items to each person’s grab and go bag. Reminder: have your kids grown enough to need larger disposable diapers or pull-ups? If so, you’ll want to remember those and store them in your grab and go bag. BABY STEP 2: Update Your Emergency Car Kit

Winter Car Emergency Kit

Reminder: are your tires and windshield wipers in good condition? If not, consider getting them changed out before winter weather hits. Like it or not, Old Man Winter is on his way, and knowing that your grab and go bags are ready to go and you’re as prepared as possible will help you sleep when the wind blows—or when the snow falls. Sources: www.beprepared.com www.ready.gov/winter-weather www.quakekare.com/emergency-preparedness/winterstorm-preparedness.html weather.about.com/od/winterweather/ht/autosafetykits.htm
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