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Hydroheat with pamphlets


the flameless cooking system

We love cooking with fire, but sometimes that’s just not an option. That’s why we’re bringing you a new, innovative way to cook – by just adding water.

Hydroheat with pamphlets

hot drinks and meals.
no power, no fuel, no flame.

Water activates the heat pack, heating your food or drinks between 150 and 175 degrees in a little as 5 to 15 minutes. Click to see it in action.

Hydroheat icons

anytime, anywhere, in just minutes

Because there’s no flame, you can use this in fire-restricted campsites, road trips, hunting, at your construction site – basically anywhere you want to eat (which, let’s be honest, is everywhere).

Hydroheat diagram

innovation at it’s finest

Each piece of the HydroHeat Cooker and Tumbler snaps together in a lightweight, compact unit. High quality silicon seals, cooking grade polymers and stainless steel make the HydroHeat sturdy, durable, and functional for years to come.

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