Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices
Our Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices are a tangy and delicious addition to your food storage. Keep them handy for a quick snack or for using in your favorite recipes. Here are some suggestions taken from customer reviews: "...We use the strawberries often on cereal or just straight out of the can. There are an amazing amount of strawberries in the can and they are large whole slices." Jill, WASHINGTON "These have become a favorite snack for my 3 year old. She'll eat them right out of the can. They are truly delicious. They also rehydrate quickly for use in smoothies and desserts. HIGHLY recommend them!!" Haylee, ARIZONA

Cereal with dried strawberry slices

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These are addicting! They are very fresh, much better than what you'll find in cold cereals.

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