Corned Beef and Cabbage Slaw is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal. This year, we decided to pay homage to the beef and cabbage combo, but try it out in some different recipes. Give one of these a try on St. Patty’s Day or any time—believe me, you’ll want to make them more than once a year.

Cabbage Coleslaw

This delicious cabbage coleslaw is great alone or as part of a meal using food storage ingredients!

Beef Brisket Lo Mein

Beef Brisket Lo Mein gives you the flavorful taste of beef and cabbage in a delicious Oriental-style dish

Beef Brisket Taco

The Beef Brisket Taco adds a colorful display of flavor to the table any time of the year.

Personal BBQ Brisket Pizzas

Personal BBQ Brisket Pizzas from food storage

What’s your favorite beef and cabbage meal?
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Cabbage, onion, and beef rolls are the best.

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