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Bombogenesis Strikes the East Coast

By Melissa Rivera     Yes, I know all of you in the West, in your light-jacket-temperatures, are chortling about those wuss easterners who can’t handle a little snow and cold. And, frankly, at least in northern Virginia, there’s some … Read More

Korean BBQ Beef Recipe with Keith Snow

  Making your home smell like a Korean restaurant doesn’t have to be difficult. Use this recipe and follow along with the video using some of your freeze-dried food as ingredients for a simple, yet delicious Korean BBQ Beef!   … Read More

Staying Fit When It’s Cold Outside

By Beth Buck     You’ve probably guessed by the title that this blog post will have something to do with exercise. And you’re not wrong! It’s the New Year, and millions of Americans (including me!) have resolved to lose … Read More

Relieve Stress by Setting New Year’s Goals

By Melissa Rivera     Almost two-thirds of Americans say uncertainty about the country’s future is causing them stress, according to the American Psychological Association’s yearly report, “Stress in America: The State of Our Nation.” It’s understandable. By the end … Read More

Preparedness Goals for the New Year

By Beth Buck     Well, now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to prepare for the New Year. Many of you reading this blog are probably interested in upping your preparedness game come January, and I applaud … Read More

Flu Season: Are You Prepared?

By Melissa Rivera     We spend a lot of time about how to prepare for natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes. Yet every year, seasonal influenza kills between 12,000 and 56,000 people and hospitalizes 140,000 to 710,000, according … Read More

Protecting Pets from Wildfire

By Meslissa Rivera   The video was all over social media a week and a half ago: a man panicking, hopping up and down, coaxing and finally saving a wild rabbit that ran toward the flames of the Thomas Fire … Read More

Apple Strudel Recipe with Keith Snow

  Warm, fluffy, and full of delicious apples, apple strudel is a popular pastry that you can make all on your own without going through too much trouble. Just rehydrate your ingredients and bake! Watch the video and follow along … Read More