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Survival 1-Year Food Supply

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Emergency Essentials®
Survival 1-Year Food Supply
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With a year’s worth of food in your emergency storage, you’ll be ready for nearly anything that comes your way. This Survival Food Supply provides you with the basics to keep you on your going in an emergency. With 4,216 total servings at 1,630 calories per day, this Survival 1-Year Food Supply Bucket is the most affordable way to quickly build up your emergency food storage. Supplement the food in this bucket with other foods you like, including fruits, vegetables, and other sides in order to increase your daily calorie count.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Approx. Weight 360 lb (164kg)
Shelf Life 25 Years
Total Calories 595,200
Total Servings 4,216
Additional Info
  • Total Calories: 595,200
  • Total Servings: 4,216
  • 1,630 Calories Per Day*

* This bucket contains 372 days worth of food (31 buckets x 12 days) which is equivalent to 1,600 calories for 365 days or 1,630 for a 365-day year.
Contents (31) - Survival 4-Person 72-Hour Food Bucket
Contents of one Survival 4-Person 72-Hour Food Bucket:
  • (2) - Cream of Wheat 8-Serving Pouch
  • (2) - Brown Sugar Oatmeal 8-Serving Pouch
  • (2) - 6 Grain Cereal with Honey 8-Serving Pouch
  • (3) - Country Cream 100% Real Non-fat Milk 8-Serving Pouch
  • (2) - Chocolate Milk With Coconut Creamer 8-Serving Pouch
  • (2) - Orange Drink 8-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Vegetable Barley Soup 8-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - French Onion Soup 8-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Creamy Vegetable Rice 8-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Santa Fe Beans and Rice 8-Serving Pouch

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