Strawberry Honey Butter Recipe

Strawberry Honey Butter Recipe


Yields: Roughly 1 cup


1 cup
Emergency Essentials Butter Powder, reconstituted
3 1/2 tsp
Emergency Essentials Honey
2 1/2 TBS
Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices powder


  1. Reconstitute butter powder in a medium-sized bowl
  2. Fold in honey and strawberry powder

  3. Storage:
    You can either fill a dish or mason jars with your butter for easy access and a trendy look, or you can roll it into a log using a piece of wrap and foil. To make a log, place a piece of wrap over a piece of foil the same size. Spoon butter onto center of wrap/foil and roll it into a cylinder. Once your butter log is wrapped, twist the ends closed and store in the fridge or freezer.

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