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Emergency Essentials®

Stove with Fuel Cell

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Emergency Essentials®
Stove with Fuel Cell
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When you need an outdoor stove, you won’t always have a large grill at your disposal. This sturdy stove is easy to carry and makes a convenient cooker anywhere you find yourself.

Each fuel cell will warm your food continuously for 6 hours, or provide enough heat to cook for 4 hours straight. As there is no alcohol or mineral wool with formaldehyde, these fuel cells burn clean. They can also be activated multiple times, so you won’t have to use it all just for a quick meal.

When size, durability, and portability are a concern, this Emergency Essentials® Stove with Fuel Cell is the option you need.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Safety Features:
  • Contains no alcohol or mineral wool with formaldehyde
  • Spill-resistant design
  • Offers the heat of a gelled alcohol without the hazards
  • Longer burn time offers lowest cost-per-use
  • Easy to light and reusable
  • Burns clean and odorless
  • No offensive odors associated with gelled alcohols.
  • Classified by NMFCA as a class 65 non-flammable
  • Classified by DOT, HAZMAT, IATA, IACO, and US MAIL as non-flammable acceptable for Air-Shipments
  • Spill resistant design reduces accidents and liability due to fire hazards
  • Easily re-lit with no "flashback"
  • Can be easily handled as a warmer in use
  • Self extinguishes should it fall face down
  • Safe for all

  • Medium heat-over 6+ hours as a warmer for cocoa, soups and sauces depending on conditions.
  • High heat - Up to 4 hours as a cooker or emergency heat source depending upon conditions.

  • Achieve maximum temperatures quicker than other fuels.
  • Longer burn time offers lowest cost use
  • Easy to re-light at any time and condition.
  • Indefinite Shelf life and does not evaporate.
  • Reduced shelf space and DOES NOT require special flammable storage cabinets.
  • Always burns fuel at top of can providing consistent heat from beginning to end.
  • Unaffected by heat or cold.

Environmentally Friendly:
  • All components are 100% Bio-degradable/inert.
  • Safe for landfills.
  • Does not affect Marine habitat.
  • No Harmful Emissions, Not classified as an Air Pollutant.
  • Environmentally Clean Manufacturing Facility generates Minimal Waste during manufacturing.
Tech Specs Approx. Weight: 13 oz
Contents Emergency Essentials® Stove with Fuel Cell

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