Fire Starter by Ultimate Survival Techonolgies

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Fire Starter by Ultimate Survival Techonolgies
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Wind, rain, or sunshine, the Sparkie Fire Starter generates intense, hot sparks with little effort on your part to help you start your fire in even the most adverse conditions. This unique one-handed fire starter has a retractable flint-based bar and built-in carbide striker that’ll light over a hundred fires. Built for precision, the Sparkie Fire Starter can be directionally targeted to hit your tinder every time you use it. Its ultralight weight makes it ideal for hiking, camping, or for an emergency.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Sparkie™ generates sparks three times hotter than the heat of a match and ignites a wide range of tinder to help you no matter your situation. Includes a compact high-strength plastic, rubberized grip handle and hole for a lanyard. The Sparkie Fire Starter will light over 100 fires. When the spark bar becomes worn in one area, simply rotate the bar inside the rod holder with your fingers. Hot sparks can gather on unit when sparked repeatedly. Tap out residue after use. Wipe any residue from spark bar and bar holder before closing.
Tech Specs Weight: 0.8 oz Length: 2.3”
Contents Sparkie™ Fire Starter by Ultimate Survival Techonolgies

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