Scrambled Egg and Veggie Wrap Recipe

Scrambled Egg and Veggie Wrap Recipe



1/2 C
Freeze Dried Onion
1 C
Freeze Dried Green Pepper
1 C
Diced Tomatoes
1 C
1 C
Freeze Dried Corn
1/2 tsp
Black Pepper
3/4 C
Pinto Beans, Cooked
1 tbsp
Taco Seasoning
8 (8")
Flour Tortillas
3/4 C
Freeze Dried Cheddar Cheese
Eggs (1/2 cup Whole Egg Powder + 3/4 cup water)
Egg Whites
Vegetable Cooking Spray


1. Reconstitute all vegetables and cheese in separate bowls; Drain excess water.

2. Coat large skillet with cooking spray.

3. Saute onion and green pepper over medium heat until tender. Add tomato, 3/4 cup salsa, corn, and black pepper. Heat thoroughly and set aside.

4. Blend beans, taco seasoning and remaining salsa until smooth. Spread about 2 tablespoons of bean mixture onto each tortilla. Sprinkle evenly cheese.

5. Combine eggs and egg whites; Beat well.

6. Coat nonstick pan with cooking spray and place over medium heat until hot. Add egg mixture and cook stirring often, until mixture is firm, but still moist.

7. Spoon egg mixture over tortilla and then spoon vegetable mixture over eggs.

8. Roll up and secure with toothpicks.

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