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Prepare Because You Care

The real reason we all prepare.

Mother Nature gives plenty of cause to prepare, like earthquakes, floods, fires, and storms, to name a few. Every time you turn on the news, there seems no end of threats to our health and happiness. Closer to home, preparing for illness or an accident, an economic downturn, or even a job loss makes sense, too.

Securing the peace and safety of those we love is a universal concern. That’s why investing in some insurance, along with a bit of savings, are the front lines of protecting home and family. Practicing fire escapes, keeping an emergency go-kit, and carrying emergency numbers on our phones are other ways to be ready for a calamitous event. And when disaster closes highways, shuts-down power, and interrupts retail and banking, many turn to the food, water, and basic necessities stored in their homes until the world returns to normal.

Of course, we care for many beyond the walls of home, too. That’s why we’re ready to help a neighbor in a moment’s notice, or to assist those unable to care for themselves. Being ready with a meal, loaning a ladder, or keeping an eye on one another's houses are among the simple ways we show compassion for those around us. When a catastrophe comes along, however, those neighborly feelings grow into critical concern.

Caring for those in the public at-large also comes naturally to most of us. For example, how often does a driver’s auto emergency kit serve a poor stranger stuck on the side of the road, or do whole communities draw together to prepare for myriad of threats from both man and nature? Such community-minded readiness makes schools and workplaces safer, public spaces more secure, and entire cities actively aware of one another, united against danger.

All of this preparedness is happening every day among millions of Americans who know that the quiet and tranquility of the future is never certain. We cannot know quite when and how the trials of tomorrow will occur. Yet, we do know that our preparations bring hope and confidence to ourselves and all we love, near and far, both today and on the day when our fortunes turn.

So, in the end, we see that it is not so much for the perils, hazards, calamities and disasters we prepare. The real reason is… we prepare because we care.

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