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Premier Plus 1-Month Food Supply Bucket

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Emergency Essentials®
Premier Plus 1-Month Food Supply Bucket
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Make sure you eat well during - and after - any emergency. This Premier Plus 1-Month Food Supply Bucket provides you with more than enough food to not just get by, but to thrive. This food supply boasts an impressive 832 servings and a total of 3,417 calories per day for a 30-day month. The Premier Food Supply contains more hearty meals that include real chicken and beef.

In addition to the 1-month food supply, this Premier Plus supply also includes one Variety Pack bucket, and two Sample Pack buckets, giving you an additional 30 pouches. Supplement this food supply with fruits,vegetables, and other sides and foods to increase your daily calorie count and enjoy a wider variety of meals.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Approx. Weight 57 lb (26kg)
Shelf Life Up to 25 Years*
Total Calories 102,515
Total Servings 832
Additional Info *Whole Eggs - Up to 10 Years
*Butter Powder - Up to 15 Years

  • Total Calories: 102,515
  • Total Servings: 832
  • 3,417 Calories Per Day**

** This food supply contains 36 days worth of food (3 buckets x 12 days) which is equivalent to 2,847 calories for 36 days or 3,417 for a 30-Day Month.
3x Premier Buckets (each bucket contains:)
  • (1) - Chili 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Cheddar Broccoli Soup 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Teriyaki Rice 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Pasta Alfredo 6-Serving Pouch
  • (2) - Pasta Marinara 6-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Potato Soup 6-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Stroganoff 6-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Rice Pilaf 6-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Whey Milk 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Chocolate Whey Milk 10-Serving Pouch
  • (3) - Apple Drink Mix 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Straw / Banana Oatmeal 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Rice Pudding 10-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Emergency Essentials Scrambled Eggs 9-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Chicken Dices 4-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Ground Beef 4-Serving Pouch
  • (1) - Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Cheddar Cheese 6-Serving Pouch

1x Pouches Variety Pack (each bucket contains:)

2x Pouches Sample Pack (each bucket contains:)

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