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QSS: Standards that Protect Consumers

The Quality Survival Standards (QSS) is an emergency food certification that makes it easy to identify foods with nutrients that help you stay active and alert during periods of uncertainty. 

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Standard 1: CALORIES: 1,800 per day

All QSS-certified products contain at least 1,800 quality calories per person, per day to help keep you nourished and alert. Empty calories from sources like sugar drinks do not provide the nutritional value needed for sustained energy. For that reason, QSS does not count empty calories such as sugary drinks and seasonings.

Standard 2: PROTEIN: 40g per day

All QSS-certified products contain at least 40 grams of protein per person, per day to help provide the long-lasting energy and mental clarity needed to survive.


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Bad Information Puts Consumers at Risk

When it comes to emergency food, many companies play fast and loose with the facts. They create products that don't contain near enough of the nutrients you need in a survival situation—things like calories and protein—and then represent those products as "top quality.”

There are two particularly harmful tactics that some manufacturers use to represent the nutritional quality of their food:

Misleading Serving Quantities

The “number of servings” is advertised instead of how many days the food will sustain you (based on standard caloric and protein needs for an adult). This is misleading because servings alone are meaningless if they do not contain enough quality calories and protein to keep your energy up. For example, a product can advertise “12 servings per day” but if the total servings add up to only 900 calories it simply won’t give you what you need to function well and survive for long.

*Your daily caloric and protein needs may vary depending on age, weight, gender, physical activity, health conditions, metabolic rate, and weather conditions. To view the USDA recommended chart click here

Empty Calorie Servings

“Servings” are often counted from ingredients void of nutritional value like sugar drinks and salt. The calories in these ingredients are nutritionally empty and should not be relied on during periods of uncertainty.

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At Emergency Essentials, our premium kits display the QSS seal to show you they contain the core nutrients you need for sustainable energy and focus in survival situations.