Get $192 of Survival Food, Gear, & Content For Just $69.99!

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Survival Gear Includes:

  • Gear-Up Pack
  • UV Water Purifier
  • Road-Ready Car Kit
  • Countdown to the Global Food Crisis eBook
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According To Experts:
This Might Be the Most Important Item in a Disaster

Have you noticed that disasters seem to be happening more these days? And that when they hit, a lot of them end up being the “biggest,” “strongest,” or “deadliest” we’ve ever seen?

The folks over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, FEMA—heck, even NASA—are all saying the same thing. Hurricanes are getting stronger, fires are spreading further, droughts are turning into “mega droughts”—and that’s just for starters.

In times like these, it’s the people who’ve prepared ahead of time who’ll make it through.

If you’re ready to take control of your own safety and survival (and your family’s too) then it’s time to take advantage of this incredible deal. It won’t cost you much more than dinner and a movie but that will give you peace of mind now and for years to come.

Get Three Days of Delicious, Nutrition-Packed Survival Food to Help Carry You Through A Disaster And It’ll Last Up To 25 Years

72-Hour Kit Product Image

Your 72-Hour Kit includes:

  • 3 Days of Great Tasting, Nutritious Emergency Food
  • 2,640 Complete Calories Per Day—Stay Nourished and Energized!
  • 72 Grams of Protein—Packed with the Good Stuff You Need!
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for One Person
  • 8 Servings of Delicious Spaghetti Marinara
  • 8 Servings of Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup
  • 10 Servings of Rich Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • 8 Servings of Savory Spanish Rice
  • 8 Servings of Banana Chips
  • Simple and Quick Meal Prep—Just Add Water
  • All in An Easy-To-Store-And-Carry, Watertight Container

We’re talking about our best-selling, QSS-Plus Certified, 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Kit–a $39.99 value!

Why 72 hours?

Well, any prepper worth his salt will tell you that the first 72 hours are the most important during a disaster.

FEMA’s been saying the same thing for years.

They all agree that if you don’t have at least three days of food (and water and gear) for every member of your family, you’re setting yourself up for trouble—maybe even tragedy.

But don’t worry. Our 72-hour kit’s got you covered with a heaping helping of food that’ll keep you energized and alert through most any disaster.

First thing’s first: this kit’s QSS+ certified. That means it’s packed with more calories and protein than just about any other three-day kit you’ll find, giving you nutrients to stay sharp when lives are on the line.

And it tastes so good you’ll look forward to every bite. Our customers tell us they stock up on extra kits just to eat for regular ol’ lunch and dinner.

Most importantly, it will give you a layer of security no matter where a disaster or emergency takes you. This is food you can eat while you’re sheltering in your home or that you can easily take with you if you’re evacuating.

It’s multi-purpose, nutrient dense, and will help keep you nourished and thinking clearly (the key to disaster survival) while others around you are under-fed and panicked.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose!**

Robert’s an American veteran who’s been buying Emergency Essentials for years and he thinks this kit might be the best one he’s seen.

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“I ordered this new 72-hour kit after I saw it had more than 2,600 calories per day. I had to grab one based on that alone. It’s Emergency Essentials, so I know the food’s going to be good too.”



The Deal Gets Even Sweeter!

You Get $42 Worth of Top of the Line Surival Gear.

Gear Pack Product Image

The Gear-Up Pack includes:

  • Multi-Pocket, Extra-Padded Backpack
  • Multi-Use Dust Mask
  • Water Resistant FireOn™ Fuel Disk
  • Strike Anywhere Matches
  • Lightweight, Waterproof Emergency Blanket with Hood
  • 5-in-1 Emergency Whistle w/ Compass, Signal Mirror and Flint
  • Leather & Canvas Work Gloves
  • 13-Function, Stainless Steel Knife and Survival Tool
  • Dynamo-Pump Flashlight for Battery/Power-Free Light

You heard us right. As part of our limited time offer, we’re throwing in our customer-favorite Gear-Up Pack (valued at $42.00).

Your Gear-Up Pack will give you what you need to stay warm and dry, and to fix, open and tool your way to safety. It’s a must for any emergency situation.

Your Gear-Up Pack includes a multi-pocket backpack with space for gear and food, an earphone port, a mesh pocket for a water bottle and extra-padded straps for comfort.

You also get a reliable emergency flashlight that runs without batteries; tools for starting fire; safety gear for navigation and rescue; a 13-function survival tool and knife that’s perfect for fixing, building, securing, defending and more; an emergency blanket that can double as a shelter; implements for starting a fire; a dust mask to protect against contaminants; and even a pair of work gloves.

And all items carry our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee, Another layer of security for you.**

The Gear-Up Pack was the perfect addition to Russel’s existing emergency food supply.

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“We’ve had emergency food in our pantry for about 5 years but no tools or gear. I received the [Gear-Up Pack]. Impressed with the quality. The flashlight especially. Should come in handy in an emergency.”

After surviving a major hurricane, Wendy bought a 72-hour kit for each member of her family.

Avatar Image

“After hurricane Harvey I promised myself I’d never let my children and my sweet grandkids be placed in harm’s way again…This Christmas I bought one of these [72-hour kits] for myself, my husband, my three sons, and four grandchildren. Two of my sons told me it was their favorite gift of the year!”



Buy now and get a UV Water Purifier

That gives you and your family drinkable water for months (a $79.99 value!).

UV Water Purifier Product Image

When all hell breaks loose, clean water is one of the first things to disappear.

Power shuts down, floods rush in and next thing you know the only water in sight is cloudy and full of muck—definitely not something you or your family want to be drinking.

This is a problem, not only because the average adult needs at least ½ gallon of water per day to stay hydrated (and that doesn’t include dish washing and light hygiene) but because nearly all emergency foods require water to rehydrate.

Don’t worry. This deal will set you up with drinkable water and plenty of it, because we're setting you up with our Emergency Essentials UV Purifier–but make sure to buy in the next 7 days before this deal expries!

The UV Purifier will purify your water in as little as 48 seconds using the power of ultraviolet (UV) light.

It kills over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa (like giardia and cryptosporidium), making it an effective tool in getting safe water for drinking and rehydrating your food.

Each Purifier will clean about 793 total gallons and up to 40 gallons on one set of four AA batteries (not included).

Its compact size means it’ll fit easily in your Gear-Up Pack.

You can also use it for camping, hiking or even for getting safe drinking water while traveling internationally.



There's More

Get the Road-Ready Car Kit (a $20 value).

Road Kit Product Image

Your Road-Ready Kit Includes:

  • 115-Hour Plus Emergency Candle for Weeks of Reliable Light
  • 53-Piece First Aid Kit
  • Water-Stopping, Lightweight Emergency Poncho
  • Long-Lasting Light Stick for Signaling

Emergencies and disasters don’t wait on anyone, and they sure as heck don’t care about your schedule.

They’re as likely to hit while you’re driving to the grocery store as when you’re sitting cozy at home.

That’s why you want to keep emergency supplies on hand in all the places you spend time, and our Road-Ready Car Kit’s perfect for the job.

It's $20 worth of just-in-case supplies that you get as part of this deal if you buy in the next 7 days.

Your Car Kit includes a 115-Hour Plus Emergency Candle with a protective globe—perfect for when your engine decides to give out or you have to evacuate quickly.

It’ll light your way for 115 hours (like the name says). That’s almost five days of light or a few weeks if you use it during night hours only.

You also get a 53-piece first aid kit—more than enough to disinfect, treat cuts, insect bites, and other minor injuries till you can get help—as well as a lightweight water-stopping emergency poncho with a hood and long-lasting glow sticks to signal for help when you’re stuck on the side of the road.



Countdown to the Global Food Crisis ebook

Be the first to read the expose on the biggest crisis no one is talking about (a $10 value!).

Free Ebook Image


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re one of the few people paying close enough attention to notice that this world of ours is changing, and not for the better.

But even you might be surprised to know how quickly things could unravel, especially when it comes to food and water.

For example, did you know that according to experts, it’s very likely that America and the rest of the world is going to experience an unprecedented global food crisis less than 10 years from now, in 2027? It’s true.

By best estimates, 2027 is the year that the earth’s combined resources will produce over a trillion fewer calories than the global population consumes.

And that’s just the beginning.

There are at least 11 other factors that could very possibly lead to a collapse of our food supply, from crippling economic crashes to infrastructure collapse, natural disasters, and more.

And the only book where you can read about these all in one place is in our highly-anticipated new ebook, Countdown to the Global Food Crisis.

It lays out in detail the coming food crisis and what you and your family can do to get through it as safely and comfortably as possible.

It’s a must read for anyone interested in protecting their family in the hard days to come. No one’s library is complete without it.

When it releases, “Countdown” will retail in many places for $10, but you get the eBook as part of this deal if you purchase within the next 7 days!

Get $192 of Survival Food, Gear, & Content For Just $69.99!

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Survival Gear Includes:

  • Gear-Up Pack
  • UV Water Purifier
  • Road-Ready Car Kit
  • Countdown to the Global Food Crisis eBook
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While Supplies Last - Offer Expires in just 7 days!

Add it all up and it’s the hottest deal going.

You get the best QSS+ Certified 72-Hour Kit money can buy (a $39.99 value), our field-proven Gear-Up Pack (a $42 value), a UV Water Purifier that will give you drinkable water for weeks (a $79.99 value), the Road-Ready Car Kit to help keep you safe no matter where you go (a $19 value) and a groundbreaking ebook (worth $10), all for just for $69.99–$120 savings!

It’s a deal that’s too good to pass up.

Order now, before time runs out!

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“I ordered their 72-Hour 1-Person Kit…The quality is really good for what you get, which is a lot of food. I would recommend it to others.”

Avatar Image

“I get all my survival supplies from Emergency Essentials. They just carry everything you could possibly ever need emergency supply wise, so it’s an easy decision.”

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“I guess I’m what you call a prepper. I have been for a long time and there’s no one with such great quality stuff at such a reasonable price. My husband and I have just given up on the majority of other labels (with a couple exceptions) and now shop mostly with [Emergency Essentials].”

When your life depends on your food, look for Quality Survival Standards (QSS)


You could go ahead and purchase just any ol’ 72-hour food kit, but buyer beware!

Families all over the USA are finding out the hard way that they’ve been sold a false bill of goods when it comes to their emergency food.

How, you ask? It’s simple.

Some of the major emergency food producers are shorting you on calories and protein. Their ads and packaging might claim to give you the “servings” you need for 72 hours, 30 days, three months, etc., but if you add up the calories and protein inside you’ll find you’re getting less than you need.

There are 30-day emergency food kits out there that have just two weeks-worth of calories and full-year pallets with just six months of protein!

That’s a HUGE loss that misleads consumers in a major, LIFE THREATENING WAY, especially in an emergency when every calorie and gram of protein count. And it’s putting your family at risk.

The good news is you’re safe with this Emergency Essentials 72-hour kit. It’s been distinguished with the Quality Survival Standards Plus (QSS Plus) seal—the most stringent seal of quality in emergency foods.

QSS Plus means that your kit surpasses FDA recommendations for calories and protein. Your 72-hour kit has 2,640 calories and 72 grams of protein per day! That’s a hearty helping of some of the most important nutrients in an emergency.

You can rest easy knowing your food is packed with nutrients that will keep you and yours energized and alert through periods of uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Is Emergency Essentials?

Founded in 1985, Emergency Essentials is one of the most well-known, innovative companies in the emergency supply industry. They’re a major innovator and manufacturer of emergency and long-term food storage. The company has pioneered a string of firsts, many of which have gone on to become industry standards. They changed the way consumers shop for emergency goods by opening the very first chain of retail stores dedicated to emergency food, water, and gear. They launched the first online marketplace dedicated to emergency supplies (, where the biggest brands are available side by side to consumers.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! Your 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Kit comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. That means if you’re unsatisfied with our kit for any reason, you can contact Emergency Essentials at 1-800-999-1863 and send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

Where is my 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Kit Made?

Your 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Kit is made right here in the United States. Our team members are passionate about making the best survival foods possible and work hard to meet our strict standards for quality, taste, nutrition and shelf life.

Is My Order Secure?

Absolutely. Your privacy is very important to us. That’s why the most PCI-compliant data encryption protocols are used on every order we process. We utilize Norton Security systems to guarantee your protection on every order.

*Shelf life ranges from 10 to 25 years based on food type. Unopened products included within a kit retain their shelf life after kit container is opened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. **We want you to be completely satisfied with our products. If within 30 days any product in your purchase from us fails to meet your expectations, please call us at 1-800-999-1863. We will make it right! All of our products carry a one-year warranty from the day of delivery against defects in material and workmanship.