MRE Combos & Cases

MRE Combos & Cases

MRE Combos?

Buying MRE meals has never been easier. Make stocking up on your emergency food supply simple with the purchase of an MRE case suited to your family’s needs. Our MRE Combos and Cases are filled with ready-to-eat meals like chili and macaroni, chicken pesto, and seasoned black beans. A case of MRE meals ensures you have an emergency food supply ready to go when you need it. You can get your favorite entrées, snacks, or desserts in bulk while saving time and money.


MRE meals are ready to be eaten right from the pouch. No preparation or additional work is needed to enjoy the nutritious meals and snacks. Add your favorite MRE cases to your emergency food supply to sustain you in the aftermath of a severe storm or other unexpected emergency. You can also take MREs with you any time you go hiking, camping, or on your next road trip. With a shelf life of 5 years or more, a case of MRE meals is an investment worth making.


All MREs are packed with longevity in mind. Durable packaging is used to ensure easy travel and a long shelf life. Meals provide the vitamins and minerals necessary during stressful times so you can keep going. Our MRE menu ensures you eat well during times of emergency while enjoying the comforts of delicious, familiar meals. A variety case is also available for families with different tastes. Our Half-Month Supply of MREs provides 45 entrées, 15 sides, 15 desserts and more – perfect for feeding your family over an extended period of time.

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