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Why MRE Entrées?

Starting to build your emergency food supply? Our MRE entrées are a great first step toward building your cache. Not only will you get high-quality, long-lasting entrées to fortify your body during a crisis, you’ll also receive many delicious options for great-tasting, gourmet foods. Enjoy ready-to-eat Creamy Spinach Fettuccini or Chicken Pesto Pasta conveniently packed in a sturdy pouch. We offer a large selection of individual MRE entrées or you can invest in bulk quantities to provide your family with a week’s worth of food or more.


Keep an MRE entrée in your car’s emergency bag for your next road trip or choose your favorite MRE entrées to keep with your hiking, boating, or camping supplies. Our military-style MRE entrées can be enjoyed anywhere, right out of the pouch. Entrées can also be heated using a cup of boiling water or one of our convenient MRE heaters. Packaging is compact and easily fits in a backpack.


Not only will your emergency food supply be filled with nutritious food options, you’ll also enjoy great tasting, gourmet-style dinners. Having the right nutrition, especially in an emergency situation, will go a long way toward ensuring your survival. Eating favorite comfort foods can also help ease the stress of a bad situation. MREs are designed to remain fresh and offer a long shelf life of 5 to 7 years, making your investment a smart one. Browse through our individual MRE choices or buy a full case of MRE entrées to fulfill the emergency food supply needs of your household.

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