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Why Desserts?

MRE desserts make a perfect addition to your emergency food supply. Enjoy the ultimate comfort foods during a challenging time with the convenience of our ready to eat desserts. MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) were originally designed for feeding military personnel. Now they are a staple of emergency food rations thanks to their long shelf life and durable packaging.


MRE desserts can be enjoyed right out of the pouch or can be easily heated with boiling water, by the sun, or in one of our convenient MRE heaters. Enjoy favorites like our tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies or a gourmet Lemon Poppyseed Cake. MRE desserts make a great supplement to your camping or hiking supplies. They are packaged in triple layers of foil to protect them for 5 years or longer. Dessert pouches are small and convenient to carry. Store them in your emergency stockpile, your backpack, or your glove compartment so you’ll always have access to a sweet indulgence.


Our ready to eat desserts are a convenient way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life when crisis strikes. Kids especially will appreciate a familiar treat when times get chaotic. Pair your favorite MRE dessert with a delicious MRE entrée and side and enjoy a complete meal on the go.

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