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Hydroheat and Heat Pack Refill Combo

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Emergency Essentials®
Hydroheat and Heat Pack Refill Combo
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With 1 heat pack in the cooker and 10 in the refill box, you’ll have plenty of fuel for your new flameless cooker. Using only water to activate the heat packs, the HydroHeat is the ideal way of creating hot meals when cooking with fire isn’t an option.

The HydroHeat™ Flameless Heat Cooker is good news for people who like to eat outdoors, but can’t always light a fire, carry a stove and fuel, or find an electrical outlet. Outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, truck drivers...anyone cooking and eating away from home loves HydroHeat™.

The secret is in the all-natural, water-activated mineral heat packs. Toss one into the cooker, add water, place the food-filled bowl on top, and seal with the snap-on lid.

Because the heating process requires no fire, it is safe to use where fire is out of the question, such as while driving, at the office, at home during a power outage, or even while camping or hunting in areas where fire is prohibited. The HydroHeat™ Flameless Heat Cooker is your safe, portable option for cooking no matter where you are.

The HydroHeat™ Flameless Heat Cooker is perfect for hot cereals, soups and sauces. It also cooks pastas, reheats meats and vegetables, and heats pouched freeze-dried meals.

Learn more about our HydroHeat products at beprepared.com/hydroheat

Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info

Caution: Keep away from children.
Read instructions before use. Use only as directed. Heat Pack creates scalding water and steam which may cause burns. Overfilling may cause hot water to overflow. Use only with HydroHeat™ components. Use and store in well-ventilated area away from sparks or flame. Do not tear Heat Pack before or after use. Contents may cause eye irritation, allergic skin reaction, or may be harmful if swallowed. Do not touch Heat Pack with wet hands. Cooker and Heat Pack may remain hot after use.

First Aid:
If Heat Pack contents are ingested of inhaled: NO NOT induce vomiting, and seek immediate medical attention. If Heat Pack contents contact skin or eyes: Flush liberally with clean water and seek medical attention if irritation continues.

Tech Specs Capacity: 30 fl oz
Dimensions: 4” x 7.5” x 7.5”
Weight: 17.6 oz (500 g)
Contents Hydroheat™ Cooker (includes one heat pack) and 10 Extra Heat Packs

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