Your Prep In Review

Being prepared can put your mind at ease. If something big were to happen, you would still be able to provide for yourself and your family.

There are many resources available to help you prepare. Visit for checklists on preparedness, as well as recipes on using your food storage to make delicious meals. Our website also features a blog full of current information, tips, and other preparedness topics.

As you prepare, focus on each preparedness category, and practice your outdoor skills. One section may come easy, but another requires more planning. By breaking down the categories, you can take bite-sized pieces of preparedness and before you know it, you will be a master of preparedness!

Make the following categories of emergency preparedness an important part of your life:

  • Plan
  • Water
  • Emergency Kits
  • Food
  • First Aid and Sanitation
  • Warmth and Shelter
  • Light
  • Communication and Signal
  • Alternate Cooking and Food Prep
  • Tools
  • Power

Get the whole family involved. Practice your plan and review it each year. Involving your children, friends, and family can be a great way to stay motivated to be prepared. By being prepared in these ways, you will be safer, self-reliant, and able to overcome nearly anything life throws at you.

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