September is National Preparedness Month
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Fresh Essentials™ Freeze-Dried Food


A tidal wave of fats, sugars and artificial ingredients has washed over the snack food world, and the devastation to our nation’s health is obvious. A return to simple yet satisfying snack foods is what makes Fresh Essentials snacks such a naturally good idea.

They all start with fresh fruit— harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition—flash frozen and dried to preserve all that taste and wholesome goodness. Mixed with yogurt bits, coconut melts, or just by themselves, these fast and fun snacks are not only good for you, they taste great, too!

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Honey Crystals

These sweet crystals are Grade A Honey mixed with crystalized table sugar to create easy-to-measure crystals that have the smooth and soothing flavor of honey. No sticky mess, just great taste. Available in a pouch, jar, or in individual-serving packets.

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Protein Powders

All the protein and nutrition of whole peanuts with 85% fewer calories. Fresh Essentials Peanut Powder and Chocolate Peanut Powder are a favorite in the kitchen, adding flavor to sauces, soups and baked items, while also adding protein to smoothies and power drinks, as well.

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The finest of select ingredients, cooked to perfection and freeze-dried to become the best of two worlds—home-cooked goodness and fast, convenient preparation. Fresh Essentials soups are rich and satisfying, and can be served in minutes. No canned or frozen meals can match them for freshness and flavor.

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