September is National Preparedness Month
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At, we specialize in supplying great-tasting, gourmet foods for emergency survival, camping, and backpacking cooking, or any time you need to eat nutritious, delicious food. All of our products are packaged in durable, lightweight pouches, cans, or pails. They offer convenience when traveling and a long shelf life to protect your investment. If you are looking for great backpacking meal ideas, check out our inventory of high quality, gourmet meals, snacks, and desserts!

Both freeze-dried and dehydrated survival foods are easy to prepare and often only require water to create the meal. Preparation methods will vary based upon the type of foods you’ll be consuming. Freeze-dried foods, for instance, are lightweight and as a result of the freeze-drying process will retain more vitamins and minerals. By adding water, you’ll rehydrate the foods quickly and reap the benefits of their original nutritional value.

Many of our survival foods are easily prepared just by adding water. Some foods require additional preparation including adding heat. Our entrées are precooked to ensure you have a safe, hot meal whenever you need it. Snacks, fruits, and vegetables can be enjoyed right out of the container without any prep work at all. Our drink mixes are easily added to a glass or bottle of water for a quick and refreshing drink.

Because of the ease of preparation, you can carry our dehydrated and freeze-dried meals with you when camping or hiking. Their lightweight package design makes them an ideal choice for backpacking and outdoors enthusiasts. Just follow the simple preparation instructions provided on each package and get ready to enjoy delicious foods in minutes – anytime, anywhere!

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