Freeze-Dried Eggs & Dehydrated Eggs

Freeze-dried eggs are nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare. Just add water and include in any recipe for some added protein.

Eggs are an important ingredient in a variety of dry mix, baking, and cooking recipes. Freeze-dried eggs allow you and your family to have great tasting options during an emergency.

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Freeze-Dried Eggs & Dehydrated Eggs

A nutritious anytime meal or snack, powdered eggs are easy to prepare and travel well. They should be a part of everyone’s emergency food supply for a variety of reasons. Dehydrated eggs can be enjoyed on their own for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They provide the necessary protein to sustain you during tough times, including severe weather events, emergency evacuations, and even unexpected job loss.

Freeze-dried eggs are easy to make – just add water and you have a comforting meal. Eggs are also an essential component of many recipes. Dried eggs can be used in a number of baking, cooking, and dry-mix recipes. They have the same great taste as fresh eggs but are much easier to transport when you’re on the go. For those who enjoy outdoor recreation and travel, powdered eggs are the perfect choice as a backpacking breakfast. Egg cans or pouches can be easily stored in your camping gear, tackle box, or your backpack and will provide a nourishing meal any time of day.

Our inventory of powdered egg choices includes favorites like Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Green Peppers, and dried whole eggs. Large-sized cans are available for households and smaller single-serve options are perfect for individuals.

Powdered egg shelf life is good for up to 30 years when properly stored in air-tight containers in a dark, cool place. Packages are lightweight and easy to stand up, making preparation a breeze. All powdered egg options are gluten free and can be made instantly with one cup of boiling water.

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