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Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Desserts & Drinks

Add some excitement to your emergency food storage with these amazing drinks and desserts!

Not only will your sweet tooth thank you, but so will your family!

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Keep your emergency food supply filled with more than just nourishing entrées and side dishes. At, we offer an enticing selection of desserts, ice cream, and drink mixes to keep your taste buds happy. Delight your kids with a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich or some tasty astronaut ice cream (dehydrated ice cream). Satisfy your sweet tooth with Macaroons or warm up cold nights with a mug of Gourmet Mint Truffle Hot Chocolate.

Crisis situations require good food to provide energy and vital nutrition. But even during an emergency, there’s no good reason not to enjoy a scrumptious dessert. Dig into warm Raspberry Crumble from Mountain House® or slice into fresh out of the oven brownies from Emergency Essentials®. Savor the comforts of our popular Apple Crisp and Instant Vanilla Pudding. A variety of container sizes are available, including the SuperPail™, pouches, and cans.

Wash it all down with one of our hydrating drink mixes, like refreshing Lemonade or Apple Drink. Emergency food supply essentials like Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk and Fortified Dry Milk are also available in a number of sizes and combinations. Our energy-enhancing powdered drink mixes such as Berry Rush Energy Drink Mix, contain a vitamin energy blend to give your body a boost any time of the day.

Not only are our desserts, dried ice cream, and drink mixes a suitable addition to your emergency food cache, they also make perfect backpacking desserts for on-the-go trips. Our packaged desserts and drink mixes are available in convenient pouches and cans, to make storing in your backpack, purse, or camping gear effortless and safe. With an extended shelf life, our dehydrated or freeze-dried desserts will be there when you need them most. Now it’s easier than ever to supplement your emergency meals with high-quality, easy-to-prepare, delectable desserts.

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