September is National Preparedness Month
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"I bought this 10 yrs ago decided to try it chicken pimavera was excellent I recommend to any one."
"Love the milk! I drink this milk every day and love it. It's almost time to reorder"
"Wife and kids never even let me stash them away.... Hows a guy supposed to have a stash of emergency supplies built up when they are so tasty they never get stashed? LOL Guess we'll get more!"
"We love silver. It has stopped sore throats and kept us from being severely sick this past winter, and shortened the duration. It's a great product."
"Love it! Great to add flavor to bland items!"
"I am completely amazed at this cheese! I re-hydrated it and put it on my homemade pizza and was thrilled to see it melt just as if it was freshly grated. Super yummy too!"
"I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It can be used in virtually any and all recipes that call for peanut butter. For a super tasty smoothie we use this, cinnamon freeze dried apples, along with our smoothie liquids. Simply fabulous."
"This mix is the real deal. The texture and flavor was excellent."
"I can't say that I ever tried to rehydrate it...I eat it as is. I follow a low carb diet so giving up cheeze it crackers was hard. These taste exactly like them out of the can!! I originally bought it to use for my meals in a jar/mylar bag...nope, it's my snack!! Love it!!!"
"Added this to spaghetti sauce and it was really good! The beef had lots of texture as well. Nice job! Thank you! Definitely will re-order!"
-The Beahms
"I was skeptical at first being a picky eater, but the taste is rather nice and the cost is very reasonable. I always add more potatoes and some fresh meat when I make it for the kids but even on its own, the stew is good and great for camping, or cold days."
"Great Seeds. I used these seeds in my garden this year and they grew great, I have had them for over a year in a cool closet for a few months and then in the fridge. I planted a 500 sqft garden and had a ton left over."
"A staple in our home; so much tastier than refried beans in a can and no waste at all! Easy and quick for nachos or other snacks at the office too."
"Thought I'd give this a try, cause I do like Mac and Cheese. What a wonderful surprise. The cheese is as good the homemade stuff."
"Great flavor - easy to prepare - would definitely buy again."
"I LOVE this stuff! I would choose it to snack on at a movie instead of popcorn. I have no idea how I am going to store this because if I know it's there I am just going to eat it..."


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