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Fired Up 1 Cup Pouch

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Emergency Essentials®
Fired Up 1 Cup Pouch
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Made from safe, all-natural ingredients, with each pouch starting up to 4 fires, our Fired Up 1 Cup Pouch is easy to carry and ideal for starting fires in good weather, rain, wind, snow and sleet. That’s right! This fire starter is the first of its kind to produce a water and wind resistant fire, making it perfect for all situations. Because this fire starter is made without harmful chemicals, you can be sure that you will be burning a clean fire with no hazardous vapors. Steer away from propane and liquid fuels that easily degrade over time and can be unsafe to use, with a firestarter that is stable, noncombustible, and non- volatile.

This product burns at 1000 degrees and can even dry and burn wet wood! Lightweight, compact, and safe to store near food, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Burns 10-15 minutes per pouch and will boil 4 cups of water!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Fuel and Fire Starter is a blend of volcanic rock and wood pellets. The water repellent properties allow it to light even on wet/or snowy surfaces for outdoor recreation or survival situations.

For easier lighting, use your flame to ignite the whitish/green material rather than the brown wood pellets. Stirring after a few minutes will expose new pellets and prolong burning time.
Tech Specs Individual Pouch Dimensions - 7” x 5”
Product Weight - 3.2 oz (90 g)
  • Fired Up!™ can be a self-standing fire.
  • Two cups burn for approximately 1/2 hour (with periodic stirring)
  • No harmful chemicals
Contents Fired Up 1 Cup Pouch

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