BePrepared Top-Selling Entrées Kit

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  • Shelf life: Up to 25 years*

  • Total calories: 29,940

  • Total protein: 1,132 grams 

  • Total servings: 233

  • Ready when you need them. Just add water!

  • All meals covered: breakfast, lunch, and dinner’s Greatest (& Tastiest) Hits, All in One Kit

Our customers have voted (with their wallets) and the results are in: these are the meals they buy more than any others! The BePrepared Top-Selling Entrées Kit includes an emergency food variety that thousands of customers come back to again and again:

Ready Hour Black Bean Burger Large Can

Perfect for grilling up into savory, tender burgers or mixing with ground beef as a meal extender to double the life of your protein supply.

Emergency Essentials® White Cheddar Mac & Cheese Large Can

This is a creamy, cheesy side dish, or main entrée that adults will love and children will actually eat!

Emergency Essentials® Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice Large Can

If you love meals with a bit of a kick, these are a great choice for your emergency food supply. Makes a hearty side dish or stand-alone meal.

Emergency Essentials® Scrambled Egg Mix Large Can

Fluffy, light, and oh-so yummy, this four-ingredient scrambled egg mix (real eggs, salt, milk, and oil) gives you the taste, texture, and nutrition of fresh eggs,

Emergency Essentials® Hashbrowns Large Can

Re-hydrate and fry to make crispy hash browns or use in casseroles, quiches, or other recipes that call for potatoes.

Emergency Essentials® Roasted Red Pepper Soup Large Can

You’ll love the sweet, smoky flavors of fresh roasted red peppers. It’s never been easier to enjoy soup as an essential solution for a quick lunch or dinner.

Food Fatigue Is Real! Variety Is the Answer.

Imagine what it would feel like to eat the same food every day for a month. You’d be dragging your feet by the end of the first week! 

You need food variety to help keep your spirits up, which is why this kit has been designed with five types of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Emergency-Ready with Extra Layers of Protection

Super-sized oxygen absorbers

Emergency Essentials foods are packed with extra-large oxygen absorbers to ensure an oxygen-free environment and make good on the advertised shelf life.

To stay fresh for decades, long-term foods need to be in a container with two to three percent oxygen levels. Most freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are packaged with far more oxygen than that, and as a result spoil quickly—even if they claim a long shelf life.

Packaging that protects from the elements

While so much of the world moves to cheaper plastics, Emergency Essentials continues to use sturdy, metallic #10 cans—a food storage classic for a reason.  Thick metallic walling and an air-tight seal stand up to abuse of all kinds and help ensure your food investment stays fresh and dry.


*Shelf life of items in this kit range from up to 10 to 25 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.

Based on inventory levels, we may substitute a food/drink product with like-kind items of equal or greater value to expedite delivery. 



Processing Method Dehydrated
Brand Emergency Essentials®
Container Type Large Cans
Total Servings 233
Total Protein 1,132 grams
Total Calories


Stackable Container Yes
Dimensions 6.25" x 6.25" x 7" (each can)
Nutritional Information
Specifications and Shelf Life

Product specifications listed above may differ slightly from those on actual product label due to occasional changes in raw ingredient suppliers. Please refer to printed product label for final specifications.

*Shelf life of items in this kit range from up to 10 to 25 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.

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