Okay, we’re a week into December. Time to get serious about your Christmas shopping. And fortunately for you, we have the best Christmas present idea ever! Ready?

Ta-da! Yes, the Emergency Essentials elves have been working on this special gift, just for you and your unwieldy gift list. Why a gift card? I’m glad you asked. (I never can resist a list!)

Emergency Essentials Gift Card

Five Reasons an Emergency Essentials Gift Card is THE Perfect Gift:
  1. It’s completely customizable. Depending on the number of giftees on your list, how well you like each of them, and your budget, you can pick the amount pre-loaded onto the card. You can choose a set amount of $15, $25, $50, $100, or $500 (for those who have been very good). But if that’s not your style, you can create a custom gift card amount online up to $100 or you can call in and request any amount by phone! You know, for those who would really appreciate $77.34 worth of emergency supplies.
  2. There’s no easier present to wrap, send, or pack than a gift card. Traveling for the holidays? Save room in your suitcase by skipping bulky boxes and squashed bows. And send holiday guests home with no extra luggage fees. Sending gifts? A single stamp is much nicer on the wallet than freight charges for a hefty package. Plus, if you only order gift cards, your shipping costs will be FREE. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  3. Eliminate post-holiday let-down by giving the gift of shopping! The tree will come down and the gingerbread will run out, but before the socks and ties and new kitchen appliances get put away and forgotten, your friends and family will remember that they still have a surprise gift—the perfect gift!—just waiting for them to pick it out.
  4. If those on your gift list are already preppers (your CERT buddies, your discount group), there’s no question they’ll love this. A gift card let’s you strike just the right chord, without having them submit an inventory to figure out what they really need.
  5. And for those non-preppers on your list, this is just the right introduction to emergency preparation. A gift card will encourage them to browse the store or the site, allow them to get familiar with supplies and resources available, and let them start their own preparation with something that really interests them.
See? Win-win-win…win-win. Christmas shopping, solved. You’re welcome!

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