Emergency Essentials is rolling out another great sale starting today, March 15th, and ending March 21st. All Mountain House #10 cans are 20% off. If you buy six or more cans, of the same item, we’ll give you 25% off!

As long as it comes in a #10 can, you can pick from any Mountain House product. You can mix-and-match your favorites, or try out a few new entrees. If you’re totally new to freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, read about them here, and check out our best-sellers:

Beef Stew

Beef Stroganoff

Turkey Tetrazzini

Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Chicken a la King with Noodles

Mountain House entrees could be a pillar in your food storage supply. They have a 25-year shelf life and provide life-sustaining nutritional value for even longer. Here are some ways to use the Mountain House entrées even when it’s not an emergency: - Put individual portions in zip-top bags (or other compact containers) and take them with you on your next backpacking trip. - Make a quick meal at home when you’re busy or have surprise visitors. - Consider stocking up if you’re taking a family vacation and want to save money and time on meals. We’ll be highlighting a different Mountain House #10 canned item every day until the sale ends. You’ll get more information on popular entrees and on some surprising additions to the freeze-dried food line up. I can’t let the cat out of the bag but you’re not gonna believe what they’re freeze-drying at Mountain House…
#10 cansBeef stewBeef stroganoffChicken a la king with noodlesDehydratedFreeze driedLasagna with meat sauceMix-and-matchMountain houseTurkey tetrazzini

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