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I love Mountain House products because they are easy to prepare, taste fantastic, and come in a variety of different types—from Rice & Chicken, to Lasagna with Meat Sauce, to one of my personal favorites: Beef Stroganoff.

You should definitely consider trying Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. It doesn’t get better than beef, mushrooms, and noodles with a delicious sour-cream-based sauce—it tastes like Stroganoff I would make from scratch at home, but it only takes minutes to prepare. (Plus I dirty fewer dishes!) Who knew that a great meal with home-cooked flavors could come from a can? I love being able to take out a one-cup serving of Stroganoff from a can and just add hot water. After letting it rehydrate for a few minutes... Ta-Da! With hardly any effort, I have a delicious meal to enjoy. So easy, it’s practically magic!

The comforting taste of noodles, creamy, flavorful sauce, and the delicious and tender beef make the Mountain House Beef Stroganoff a winner for all ages while camping, facing an emergency, or even for an easy everyday meal.



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good recipes, make it batter with beef stroganoff

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