“If this is “emergency” food, things don’t look so bad!” This is what Nancy, an Emergency Essentials customer, said about Mountain House® Lasagna with Meat Sauce. Our customers are raving about Mountain House®—everything from the delicious flavor to the long shelf-life. And why not rave?

Mountain House Reviews Beef Stroganoff

Tested and used in the harshest conditions by people whose lives depended on them, Mountain House® freeze-dried meals are perfect for military, outdoor enthusiasts, or to use during emergencies. But these meals aren’t just for those who Replace themselves in less-than-ideal conditions. Mountain House® meals have been a favorite for people just like you for years—whether for camping or just a crazy weeknight at home. Check out what others have to say about Mountain House® meals:

FiveStars “One of our favorites!” - Trade (Beef Stroganoff)

FiveStars “This is so good I couldn’t wait for a disaster. We ate it up and ordered more.” -Meredith (Beef Stroganoff)

FiveStars “This is amazing! The flavors blend perfectly and have a wonderful taste.” -Cynthia (Sweet and Sour Pork)

FiveStars “Great diversion from humdrum meals.” - Bruce (Chili Mac)

FourStars “Satisfying! Great for camping and emergencies.” - Kenneth, (Chili Mac)

FiveStars “Tasty and you get a lot of cheese…and I mean a lot!” - Bradford (Macaroni and Cheese)

FiveStars “We love it…we can’t get enough of it.” - Cassandra (Noodles and Chicken)

FiveStars “Another winner from Mountain House!” - Jennifer C. (Noodles and Chicken)

FiveStars “If this is “emergency” food, things don’t look so bad!” -Nancy (Lasagna with Meat Sauce)

FiveStars “We NEVER expected to love Mountain House foods as much as we do.” -Sandi (Lasagna with Meat Sauce)

FiveStars “You will not believe that it could possibly be freeze-dried… Better than homemade!!” - FL gal (Lasagna with Meat Sauce)

If you don’t believe them, try out a can or two for yourself. You’ll love them. We guarantee it. Like these Mountain House reviews? What’s your favorite Mountain House® meal?
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The beef stroganoff looks pretty tasty. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I think I will. Right now, I’d have to say my favorite is the Chili Mac—it is really good. How about anyone else? Does anyone else want to share what their favorite Mountain House meal is?

Linda Sand

Linda Sand

Now that I am old and have bad days it sure is nice to be able to eat tasty food with little effort. My favorite is the beef stroganoff with noodles.

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