Preparing alternative sources of electricity plays an important role in your emergency preparedness plan. These alternative sources can include battery powered devices as well as generators. Another excellent option to consider is the GoBe™ Power Hub Battery and Solar Briefcase.

Once the unit is charged, the GoBe™ Power Hub gives you electrical power anytime or anywhere you need it. It is very versatile and can be charged in 3 different ways: 1) by your home electrical outlet, 2) through the DC adapter, 3) or with the Solar Briefcase (all adapters included). The solar briefcase folds in half (21¾" x 16" x 1¾") for easy transporting.

3 Different Charging Methods (DC adapter shown)

The GoBe™ can power a variety of items with its 3 output plugs. It is great for use in the outdoors or in an emergency when power is needed most.

3 Different Output Plugs

The fully charged battery on the GoBe™ holds approximately 150 Watt hours. It powers electronic appliances and devices requiring 80 Watts or less with the standard electrical outlet. You can also use the USB or DC output (DC adapter included) ports.

Briefcase Dimensions:

Open - 21¾" x 31" x ¾"
Closed - 21¾" x 16" x 1¾"

Power Hub Battery Dimensions:

15" high x 5½" wide

Run-Time on Full Charge:

60 Watt Light Bulb - Approx. 2.5 hours

60 Watt Equivalent Fluorescent Light Bulb - Approx. 10 hours

AM/FM Radio - Approx. 10-15 hours

Also powers cell phones, PDAs, and more!

The GoBe™ Power Hub Battery and Solar Briefcase is on sale during the month of November for only $129.99. This is a savings of 67% off the value! Quantities are limited, so don't pass up this opportunity to add one of these to your emergency or camping supplies. Click here to go to the Power Hub page on our website.

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