Freeze-Dried Fruits and Vegetables make a great addition to any food storage program. They can add a great variety to the traditional storage foods that you might already have tucked away. You can also use Freeze-Dried Fruits and Vegetables in the recipes you make daily.

Kim, from California, had this to share about her experience with Freeze-Dried Zucchini:

"The first time I used the slices, I hydrated too long and they became too infused with water and were very rubbery. The second time, I wanted to make a zucchini omelet so I sauteed chopped green bell peppers and onions and just before adding the zucchini slices, I hydrated them with chicken stock and IMMEDIATELY put them in with the sauteed vegetables. I sauteed the slices with the vegetables and then I added beaten eggs over the top and it made a GREAT omelet. Don't forget to add lots of garlic, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and pepper. Wonderful! It was like using fresh zucchini!"

Have you tried our Freeze-Dried Zucchini? If not, click here for some great recipe ideas from our website. If you have tried it, what is your favorite way to use the Freeze-Dried Zucchini?

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