One of the first steps you need to take to get prepared is make an emergency plan. Whether you live alone or with family, friends, or roommates, it’s important to be on the same page with your household, as well as those who don’t live with you but will be anxious to locate and touch base with you in an emergency. A basic plan is a good place to start, and we've got a great (and free) fill-in-the-blank Emergency Plan PDF so you can have a custom family emergency plan in 10 minutes or less.

Sample Family Emergency Plan

You can build a more comprehensive plan from there if you’d like, but this plan covers the basics: 1) Grab survival kits/emergency kits/bug-out bags 2) Designated meeting point near the home 3) Designated meeting point in the neighborhood 4) An out-of-town relative or friend that everyone can call to check in with (it’s pretty common for local lines to be busy following a disaster—your best bet for reaching each other is to call someone with a long-distance number and leave messages for each other). 5) Out-of town meeting place/evacuation location 6) Evacuation plan with primary and secondary exits from each room 7) Emergency Contact Information 8) Evacuation assignments (who will take what based on how much time you have) So, whether you’re just getting started in prepping or you’ve been building food and water storage for years, be sure you’ve got an emergency plan in place—it’s one of the most fundamental (and easiest) things you can do when it comes to emergency preparedness. --Sarah
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mark brandenburg

mark brandenburg

Great site! My family loves it for all our needs!

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