Emergency Essentials Guest Blogger Program Do you have some great tips for emergency preparedness, a story about surviving disaster because you were prepared (or surviving a disaster that got you thinking about preparedness), favorite food storage recipes, or other information you want to share with Emergency Essentials’ customers? Then you may want to become a guest blogger for Emergency Essentials! Submit your tips, idea, experience, or other article and we’ll pay you with an Emergency Essentials $20 gift card if we choose to publish it on the Preparedness Pantry Blog. You can submit as many guest blog posts (articles) as you’d like. Want a Volcano Collapsible Grill to make that pizza, but it’s out of your budget? Become a guest blogger with Emergency Essentials and you could earn enough gift cards to pay for it! Here are the guidelines you’ll need to keep in mind if you're interested in being an Emergency Essentials guest blogger.
  • The blog post must be at least 300 words.
  • The blog post cannot already be published elsewhere.
  • We reserve the right to edit for grammar, punctuation, and content as needed.
  • If we make major edits, we will pass the blog post by you for your final approval before publication.
  • Your name and state will be included in the post unless you specifically request otherwise (you can select a pen name or request to be Anonymous, if you prefer). We like to give you credit for your great ideas and tips!
  • We focus our efforts on preparedness, not political commentary. Please keep that in mind when submitting posts.
  • We aren’t able to publish all posts that are submitted to us. You will only be contacted if we publish your piece.
  • If you’d like to submit a series with multiple posts about one topic, please send them all as attachments in the same email. For a series, you will receive one $20 gift card for each of the posts in the series we choose to publish. We reserve the right to publish only a part of what you've submitted or to combine articles, either to shorten the series or if we feel there is significant overlap between the articles.
Submit your guest blog post to social@BePrepared.com with the subject line “Guest Blog Post for the Preparedness Pantry Blog”. Check out previous guest blogger submissions. We look forward to reading what you've got to share! --Sarah (a.k.a., Urban Girl)
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