Planning Your Garden Early

· Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Beth Buck Hurrah, it’s finally Spring and I can start planting my garden. Gardens are wonderful additions to any emergency preparedness plan. People always complain that fresh fruits and vegetables cost too much – why is this? Apples literally … Read More

8 Tips for Writing an Emergency Action Plan

Guest post by Kevin Nelson     People react to emergency situations differently: some are able to put themselves together and act quickly, while some start panicking and lose the ability to think clearly. If you are one of the … Read More

Christmas Shopping for Emergencies

It’s possible to build an emergency kit on a budget, said Maralin Hoff, nicknamed the “Earthquake Lady,” from the Division of Emergency Management in the Utah Department of Public Safety “We think an emergency kit is going to cost an … Read More

7 Things Every New Prepper Needs to Know

This is a guest post by J.D. Phillips of — I want you imagine a few things before we get going: Imagine if you had to learn everything about math, physics or any other subject for that matter – … Read More

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