Preparing Your Children for Tornadoes

My daughter watched an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood in which a storm damaged the neighborhood, but the main characters were safe because they had a safety plan. Now, every time the sky is overcast, she asks if we should … Read More

Tips for Helping Children Cope During Disasters

On September 8, as part of National Preparedness Month, PBS Kids ran a disaster-themed episode of Arthur, a cartoon aimed at school-age children. On the show, all the characters had to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane: family members … Read More

How to Prepare Your Children for Emergencies

Families are beginning to prepare to send children back to school – 57 million children. An estimated 12 million children attend child care and pre-kindergarten programs. What happens if disaster strikes while the children are in school or child care? … Read More

Who They Gonna Call?

It turns out that it’s not too early to teach your toddler what to do in an emergency. This guest post shares several solid ideas that will help you teach your child about crisis situations. Teaching small children how to reach … Read More

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