72 Hour Kits for Babies and Toddlers

By Beth Buck By Beth Buck The number one rule of 72-hour kits is to always always rotate your supplies every six months. The number two rule? Customization. A baby or toddler will have very different needs compared to his … Read More

School Emergency Kits for Teens

By Beth Buck There has been some concerning stuff in the news lately that has made a lot of people worry that their children may not always be safe at school. Even though statistically speaking, any given disaster is unlikely … Read More

Planning Your Garden Early

By Beth Buck Hurrah, it’s finally Spring and I can start planting my garden. Gardens are wonderful additions to any emergency preparedness plan. People always complain that fresh fruits and vegetables cost too much – why is this? Apples literally … Read More

Preparing for Spring Flooding

By Beth Buck Spring has sprung, although you wouldn’t know it by the late winter weather throughout the country. But as sure as sun follows rain, garden planting and spring cleaning will be upon us all real soon. At the … Read More

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