September is National Preparedness Month
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Are You Disaster Ready?

Preparedness is Planning

Finding the proper supplies to be prepared for any situation just takes a little bit of planning. No matter what the disaster or emergency, you will need essentially the same things. Compare your emergency kits and supplies with the categories below to ensure you have what you need for any event.


As you know, water is essential for life, and is therefore one of the most important aspects of your emergency preparedness. Consider the area in which you live to best prepare. If you have a river, lake, or other body of water nearby, a water filter can bring you a surplus of drinkable water for minimal storage space. Alternately, store water in barrels, jugs, or cans for a convenient storage option.


Eating is also a necessary part of life, and while disasters may come and make obtaining food more difficult, having an emergency food storage can alleviate those concerns. Not only is our freeze-dried and dehydrated food good for long term (so you don’t have to worry about rotating it), they are also just as tasty as your favorite home cooked meal. That’s because these entrées are prepared and cooked prior to packaging, sealing in their delectable flavors.


Emergency gear covers a lot of categories. From shelter to alternate power sources, your gear will help your life continue to run smoothly even if your modern conveniences are taken from you. Consider investing in a tent or other form of shelter, just in case your home’s integrity is compromised. Small power packs or large generators will also be handy during a prolonged power outage. Tools, lighting, and warmth are other essential items to help keep you safe and comfortable during an emergency.

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