Emergency Water Storage

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Emergency Water Storage
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The AquaPodKit is a simple, safe water storage product that allows you to store up to 65 gallons using your bathtub. Aqua Pod Kit is an affordable and simple way to store temporary water when an emergency is looming. It fits almost any tub and holds up to 65 gallons of water. It costs much less than 65 gallons of bottled water, and can be stored out of the way until it’s needed. Includes siphoning pump to dispense the water. The AquaPodKit provides a 14-day supply of water to meet the most basic needs of a family of four. Made in the USA!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Q: How long can I store water in the aquapodkit?
A: The water will stay fresh for up to 8 weeks, depending on humidity and temperature conditions.

Q: How long does it takes to fill the AquaPodKit?
A: This depends on your home’s water flow, but usually around 10 to 15 minutes.

Q: How do I get the water out of the AquaPodKit?
A: Included in the package is a siphon pump and lock that easily assembles, so you can dispense the water into a pitcher or jug.
Tech Specs
  • The AquaPodKit liners are constructed of 4 mil food grade Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic. This material follows and stays within USDA and FDA guidelines.
  • The standard tub holds 70 gallons of water, and to be safe, we recommend filling the tub with 65 gallons to come in under the tub line. It is not recommended to put 100 gallons in a standard tub. The liner is 40" x 80" and, depending on the size of your bathtub, can hold up to 100 gallons.
Contents AquaPodKit® Emergency Water Storage liner and siphoning pump

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