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Now you can add the great taste of real bacon to your food storage. Now you can add the great taste of real bacon to your food storage. So convenient and easy to use! Yoders Bacon is ready to eat and not just for emergencies. It’s perfect for camping, the family barbecue or anytime you need bacon in a flash. Each can of Yoders Canned Bacon contains about 50 slices of cooked bacon packaged for long term storage. It has a 2-year manufacturer shelf life guarantee and up to a 10-year shelf life. Just warm up and eat!
Label Info
% Daily Value
Serving Size 3 Slices (14g)
Servings Per Container About 18
Amount Per Serving
Calories 60
Calories From Fat 40
Total Fat 5 g 7%
Saturated Fat 2 g 9%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 15 mg 6%
Sodium 190 mg 8%
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 0 g
Protein 5 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 4%

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Salt, Sugar, Smoke Flavoring, Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate


Awesomeness In a Can!!

I purchased a case of Yoders Bacon and was not disappointed! This bacon is layered between sheets of parchment paper, rolled, stuffed in the can and processes. The paper soaks up a lot of the oils but there's enough left over to use for seasoning or cooking eggs.
I heated the bacon for approximately 1 minute in the microwave and it was crispy, just like I'd fried it myself. This is a wonderful product!
The can of bacon is about the size of a "Family Sized" can of soup but surprisingly, there's about 50 slices of bacon in the can. Helpful suggestion: Several reviews talked about difficulty getting it out of the can... I open BOTH ends of the can and push the bacon our onto a plate. Works great!
The only problem I've had is leaving it on the shelf for an emergency. It's so convenient to use that you'll never want to deal with frying your own bacon again. Great tasting, crispy bacon without the mess of cooking it yourself. I plan to order several more cases to have on hand because you can NEVER have to much bacon!!

Posted on 2/13/14 by Trena

Love this Bacon

This is an excellent product. Just heat and eat. Just like the reviews said, enough fat to use for cooking eggs, enough bacon to feed 8 to 10 people in a can, a comfort food you must have. I love that they figured out how to get so many in such a small can. I was very surprised. We eat this when I don't have time to cook raw bacon. It is comparably priced to the name brand, precooked bacon you can buy at the store but it has a long shelf life and you don't have to refrigerate until after you open.

Posted on 1/3/14 by Danielle

Passed the family taste test

Recently on an early morning breakfast outing, I served the Yoder bacon to the family. There were about 10 of us and everyone loves bacon. They loved it and had no idea that it came from a can. Love the idea of having bacon so delicious and so easy to serve. Most of the fat is cooked out but enough left to keep the bacon tasty and moist. Good enough to fry eggs after the bacon is warmed :)

Posted on 9/14/13 by Sharon

I love this !!!!

Great Bacon with a nice mild smoke flavor.
I make BLT's and everyone loves them.

Posted on 3/28/13 by Mel

Good Product

Good bacon and a lot of it. The two of us will only use one of the three layers at a time so I vacuum seal and freeze the other two layers individually for later. Works well.

Posted on 3/2/13 by Jo

Very good

Thin slices, safe to eat (or put on a burger) right out of the can. Warmed briefly on a griddle, you will have perfectly crisp, tasty slices to have with your breakfast.

Posted on 2/28/13 by Lynn

The real thing!

We took a can of this to our family get-together and had it for breakfast. There were 12 of us and we were able to use it up pretty quickly. This is good for a large family/group, as it is a lot to use up. It was convenient, and very tasty. Warm it up and voila! You have great bacon.

Posted on 11/3/12 by Patricia

its bacon!!

If we weren't supposed to eat pigs, they wouldn't be made of BACON! Bacon, in a can. Whole slices of bacon. What else is there to say? There was about 42 slices in our trial can (3 rows of 14), a store bought pack has around 16 slices, at about a 3rd of the price. Not a bad deal in my book for something that lasts 2 years.

Posted on 7/10/12 by Mike

Love It!

Whether it's a zombie apocalypse or a long camping trip without a refrigerator, it would be a real shame to have to get through it without bacon! For comfort food, it's up there with chocolate! This stuff is wonderful! It's real bacon, and it tastes like real bacon. It's packed in grease (my vegetarian boyfriend almost had a heart attack just looking at the stuff...), but that's how bacon is preserved. Warm it until the grease melts, and use a paper towel to blot it. I would love to see Yoders make a can half this size. And yes, but it's comparable to what you'd pay at a grocery store for the amount. It's worth it.

Posted on 5/1/12 by Maddie


I've gone through 3 or 4 cans of this bacon. It tastes quite good! Although I expected some grease (bacon fat) as fat is part of the nature of bacon -- there did seem to be an excessive amount ... but perhaps that's needed to avoid too much sticking/clumping. I do have two minor problems: (1) the taste is so good, it's addictive & easy to eat too much and (2) there's way too much for one (or even two) people to consume over the course of a week -- and after opening the can, I would hesitate to store in in the refrigerator for much over a week. Although it would noticeably increase the per unit cost, I'd love to get the same product with about half the number of slices in a single can -- which might also make it easier to remove the delicious product from the can!

Posted on 4/17/12 by Jim C

Expensive for a soupcan!

I was so anxious to get real slices of bacon rather than pulverized bits, I didnt read the size of the can! I thought it was a number 10 size can...lol. My fault. Im sure its good according to the reviews just be prepared...its a soupcan. Cant believe there are 50 slices in there but, if they say there are...im sure there are. I really have to SLOW DOWN and READ!

Posted on 3/8/12 by Betty


Was great tasting. Yes hard to get out of the can with out opening bottom and pushing it out. Hubby loved it also. Great for any time. Will buy more and recommend to others.

Posted on 2/22/12 by Janet

Good to keep for emergencies

I seldom give my opinion and leave a review, but with this product I felt the need. I ordered 12 cans of Yoder's Bacon and received it this week, I don't get up early enough on the week-days to cook breakfast, I reserve the pleasure of bacon, eggs, hash browns or pancakes for the week-ends.
I opened my first can of Yoder's Bacon today to try it out and here is what I found: First, I couldn't get it out of the can without opening both ends and pushing it out, it's packed in tight and it's very greasy and you can't get a good hold of anything to pull it out . Second, I must first admit I am use to purchasing my bacon from the meat counter, fresh, thick cut and very tasty. This beacon is sliced very, very thin and it's really greasy.
Third, the bacon is packed pretty tight and it is all stuck together a little hard to separate the beacon strips on a layer without tearing it apart and it's really greasy, the layers are separated with paper so the layers come apart ok, just not the strips on a layer. Fourth, it says 1 helping is 3 slices, for me that just isn't enough, again I am use to 3 slices of thick cut from behind the meat counter so for me 1 serving is more like 5 slices.
Fifth, it says approximately 50 slices per can well my first can only had 39 slices I am sure they go by weight not the number of slices. If I had to do over I would still purchase 12 cans and I recommend having this bacon around for emergencies! The bacon tasted pretty good and after I heated it up I laid it on a paper towel and that took care of the greasy bacon, it's no more or no less greasy than regular bacon after cooking. I will use this bacon periodically just to rotate my inventory but not every weekend, when I get low I will most definitely order in another 12 cans to keep around for emergencies!!!

Posted on 2/18/12 by Jay C

Delicious Heart Attack in a Can

Yummm !!! This stuff rocks. I normally dont leave reviews but figured I had some extra time to spare here in the emergency room. Full of flavor and delicious. So glad that I ordered two cases already. nothing says comfort like bacon! And what makes everything better? BACON! You will love this delicious heart attack in a can. I liked it so much that I even scheduled the ambulance to come tomorrow after dinner since I am having another BLT tomorrow. God bless bacon.

Posted on 2/16/12 by Aaron

Made for the lazy bacon lover

This bacon is a real time saver. We love our bacon real crispy and it is 95% cooked out of the can. We are able to fry it up crispy in three or four minutes. A real time saver and has a great taste. We will surely buy more.

Posted on 2/15/12 by LuAnn S.

Pretty good!

This is pretty good stuff to be in a can and to be able to store it for 10 years and it still be good! I got my first can today and tried it out. Heated up a few pieces in the microwave and was surprised at the taste. Impressed! Wish they had a thicker cut though. I'm from the southeast and we like our bacon thick! lol Will be ordering more for my food storage though!

Posted on 1/13/12 by Alex

I was amazed

I could not believe the amount of bacon in such a small can. As for the bacon we loved it. I will be buying more.

Posted on 12/5/11 by Deborah

for bacon with a good shelf life, it works

Of all the preparedness foods I've had my wife try thus far, this was her favorite (or I should say "least objectionable.") While it's a bit salty for me, I fully recognize in the world of storeable meats you'll have some salt in your food. Those issues aside, the bacon was really good. Once opened, lasted well in my refridgerator. In a grid down situation, you'd be eating really well if this was on your shelf. Buying more as soon as I am done writing this review!

Posted on 9/30/11 by Paul M


We miss the old canned bacon (super greasy, super salty and no longer made). We were looking for food storage and found this. It's not like regular bacon, but it is very tasty. There is a whole bunch in a can, and it's not a nasty grease ball. Entirely edible right out of the can or warmed. For food storage purposes, great stuff. Should do very well to flavor up beans and other dishes.

Posted on 8/4/11 by Mary

Very Good

Excellent bacon. Tastes good, easy to prepare, and convenient. Added 2 cases to storage and we use so frequently, will soon have to order more.

Posted on 7/31/11 by Linda

Can't tell it's canned

Was skeptical like many others but it's as good as the reviews say it is. Stocking up on this one.

Posted on 6/11/11 by Eric


Based on other reviews I went ahead and ordered several cans, opening one when they arrived so that my girlfriend and I could try it out -- we're both very impressed. Very close to "fresh" in quality, and I've been using it for BLT's ever since.

Posted on 5/11/11 by Keith

The Best Bacon

This is the best tasting bacon. when I have bought it in the past, it doesn't even reach my storage! My order arrives before I get home from work, but unfortunately my children get home before me, so that means, that my bacon is eaten before I get home.

Posted on 4/13/11 by colleen


We LOVE this bacon. Either heat in the microwave or stove top We found that if you heat it on cast iron the added smoke flavor is minimalized, which we prefer. This is fantastic stuff, one can had 45 slices so I think it goes by weight 9 oz. Definitely 'a must have' in order to keep your diet as close to normal during hard times. I ordered 15 more cans. It's ease of use means we can eat bacon more often!

Posted on 3/14/11 by Maxine


My family just tried this bacon and everyone absolutely loved it. Wonderful smell and taste. Will definitely be keeping this on hand for everyday use and in our food storage.

Posted on 11/23/10 by Cynthia

Perfect Bacon

My wife and I love this bacon. We have been eating it every morning for over a year. We buy it by the cases. I place a paper towel on a plate, lay four slices on it. Microwave for 30 sec. Then 15 sec. at a time with about 5 sec. between until its the crispness that we like,which is lightly crisp. No refrigeration and always on hand. Great product. Thanks Dale

Posted on 11/11/10 by Dale

Don't Miss Out On This!

OK.. so it's a little messy when you first open the can...but don't be dismayed! Pull out three slices and nuke them (between some fresh paper towels) for 30 seconds! It's delicious! It's going to be hard to wait for an emergency with this stuff!!

Posted on 9/19/10 by Jen S.

Better than I thought

Wow, was I skeptical about buying canned bacon and even more so when I opened the first can. But I was pleasantly surprised, and somewhat relieved, after unrolling the bacon. It looked fresh and plentiful. I heated a few strips up in the microwave for 15 seconds just to get it warm and ate it with some toast. Now this will be a staple in my food supply.

Posted on 9/2/10 by Dolly

Give it a try

I read the reviews and decided to order some just for emergencies. It sat on the pantry shelf for months. Then we ran out of store bacon this morning so I opened up a can. Put the slices in the skillet for a couple of minutes to heat it up and it smelled great. Tasted it and now we are not going back to refrigerated bacon! Just reordered to increase my stock.

Posted on 3/6/10 by Dennis Horn

Yoder's Canned Bacon

This stuff is FAN-TAS-TIC! Way better than what is commercially out there. Great bargain, considering that, in order to buy a "fresh" three-pack at a warehouse store, you'd have to spend a heck of a lot more. Fry it up for a quick breakfast, a BLT (or even better w/o the LT!), or break up for your salad. All I know is I'm ordering more.

Posted on 2/18/10 by Walter J

Great snack!

I bought some of this bacon for long term storage. Then I thought I would try one can, and found that this stuff is great! Lots of bacon in the can, buying more now!

Posted on 1/12/10 by garyj

It's Bacon Baby!

I am a local e-prep liasion for my church, so I decided to bring it one Sunday to share with my fellow congregants in a meeting. I opened the can and placed the contents on a plate as everyone watched. Of course, I ate the first piece to be the guinea pig.
Suffice it to say that I didn't get the second piece I hoped for. They all pounded it.
It's absolutely GREAT!

Posted on 1/3/10 by Pat

Even the wife and daughter loved it

I opened one can because I wanted to know what it tastes like and my wife and daughter loved it. If you know how picky my wife and daughter are you would understand this product is great. I will be buying more.

Posted on 11/7/09 by David


Wanted to try before bought case of this bacon, as we are bacon lovers. Read another on-line review that scared me! That person must have been a bacon hater, because we love this bacon. More lean than fatty strips, like you would want if you were buying it by the # in the store. It wasn't crisp but we don't like crispy bacon (bad teeth), more like eating ham. It is just great, will be buying LOTS MORE!! (same some for us)

Posted on 10/25/09 by FL gal

Yoders Bacon

OMG! The bacon is the best! I remember buying this brand when I was a child and it was so salty but now you guys have it down this is excellent.

Posted on 10/16/09 by Dawn


I had a case in storage without tasting them until today. I was actually shocked. I ate them cold and handed them out to family members who all had the same reaction. Really good flavor. Great product.

Posted on 9/24/09 by Jeannie



Posted on 7/31/09 by OLE


Like others, I bought one can to try it before buying it in bulk. When I received it I was dismayed. I do not know what I was expecting but SURELY they could not put a quality product of approximately 50 pieces of bacon in a can the size of a can of soup! Opened the can to try it and had to call my husband into the room to show him as well. We were shocked at the packaging! We immediately warmed some up in the microwave and had a bacon sandwich for breakfast. YUM! Will definitely order more. For some who have an active food storage program, do not let the price scare you. It is well worth it when you think that you can have fresh bacon and do not have to refrigerate or freeze it. We may not always be guaranteed of having electricity BUT we can rest assured if we only have a can opener! When following a food storage plan for emergencies, it is always advisable to store what your family eats on a regular basis AND to include "comfort" foods that help to ease the stress of an emergency situation. I see this product as one of those comfort food items to use and enjoy.

Posted on 4/1/09 by Patricia S

good tasting

Tried it, liked it!! Well worth price!! Crisp up nice in microwave. Excellent taste!!

Posted on 3/28/09 by David

Best bacon ever!!!

I ordered a case of this bacon for emergencies. HOWEVER, I was too curious so I made the mistake of opening a can. This bacon is so wonderful for ANYTHING!! But we especially love throwing it in the microwave and making BLT sandwiches. So much for emergencies! So I'm ordering more!!! I never want to run out.

Posted on 3/20/09 by Dianne N

Yoder Canned Bacon

I have had this bacon in my food storage for about 2 years now. It is quite good and in fact we now use it almost daily. A very good addition to any food storage program if you like smoked bacon.

Posted on 3/13/09 by Mike

Cant Beat it for Bacon Out of a Can!

Picked up one can just to try it out after reading some other reviews. Donメt let the first look fool you! Congealed bacon fat makes it look less than appealing at first glance, but get it out of the can, and unwrap the wax paper, and it looks a lot more appetizing! And it tastes like... Bacon! Heck, scramble up some eggs and warm the bacon up a bit (not necessary but makes it slightly more enjoyable), and it is easily as good as any bacon I have ordered at the neighborhood greasy-spoon! Slight after-taste from the smoke flavoring - but that is the only bad thing I can say. This is bacon out of a CAN people! And given that - it is great!

Posted on 3/12/09 by Michael

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