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Flour Bagger

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Flour Bagger
Sku: FP M565

Wondermill Flour Bagger is Sold Out

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A clean and easy way to bag your freshly ground flour. For use with the WonderMill Wheat Grinder. Includes the bagger and 100 bags. Use this handy bagging accessory for the Wondermill, and your flour will be bagged as you process it!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Contents Wondermill Flour Bagger
Additional Info 1. Remove the lid with tube from your canister. 2. Place the plastic bag inside of the flour bagging canister. With your hands, make sure the bag is snug along all sides of the canister so that there are few air gaps. 3. Leave about 1 inch of plastic bag hanging around the outside of the bagging canister. 4. Snap your lid with tube on to the flour bagging canister. 5. Grind your flour as normal. 6. Remove bag from flour bagging canister and enjoy!
Tech Specs
10.3 oz.
6” x 7.5”

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