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The Wonder Clean Washer cleans clothes using the same principle of tumbling that the best electrical washing machines use. The Wonder Clean Washer cleans clothes using the same principle of tumbling that the best electrical washing machines use. This hand-powered machine can be used to quickly wash clothes without the need for electricity. Light weight (less than 4 pounds), the Wonder Clean is portable and can even be used for loads as small as a single shirt. Great for use at home when the electricity is out.

Wonder Washer

I have had one of these since the late 1990's and it still works great! Though there is no way to "spin" water out of your clothes, it does get them quite clean. I see the price has only gone up about $2 in all those years as well.

Posted on 3/29/14 by Northwoods Cheryl

Piece of Garbage

I bought this for my off-the-grid cabin. What a piece of garbage! It took just as much time, more mess, and more hassle to use this than to hand wash every item. Even if you wait for the heat expansion to supposedly make the seal, the seal still leaks. The 'handles' on the sides that supposedly! hold the barrel -- they pop out the moment you put water in. Why? Because it's plastic. There's no structural integrity. The water weight pushes the stand apart, and the barrel falls out. There is NO WAY to rotate the barrel using the stand -- you have to manually man-handle the $#@*(*@! thing, end over end. Add in the hassle of clean-up and multiple water heatings - pourings into the barrel and hefting the full weight yourself to rotate it, and you have a great workout and one of the least efficient ways to wash clothes I've ever had the misfortune to explore.
This has an incredibly poor design. You're better off using an orange 5-gallon bucket with a lid and shaking it a couple times -- that's only $6 vs the $47 for this waste of plastic.
If you actually want to wash your clothes, don't bother with this ridiculously useless 'appliance.' Even hand washing is easier and less hassle!
And to Emergency Essentials -- shame on you for promoting this kind of garbage as a 'useful' appliance. There are better solutions, and I definitely expect better from you. - tkh

{Response by Emergency Essentials: Hi Tara, we appreciate your concerns and feedback on this product. You are correct that the unit is intended to make washing small batches of clothing simple and efficient without the use of electricity. We can only guess that the unit you received is defective. When used as directed with a functional unit, we’ve had terrific reviews.

Because we understand some products may not be a fit for every situation, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. May we also recommend our mobile washer, coupled with a 5 gallon bucket as a potentially better match for the washing you mentioned? We will be in contact with you to help you find a helpful solution to your needs.}

Posted on 3/27/14 by Tara

Rag Washer

I get my rags dirty with chemicals like wax and oil. This is perfect, because I can put boiling hot water in it, and a little low sud soap in it and do a fantastic job without stinking up the house and making a mess in the clothes washer.

Posted on 3/22/14 by Mechanic

This Really Works

I was a bit skeptical when I purchased it because it did not have a hose to let out the water and cover inside to keep the laundry from hitting on the cover when spun. I decided to purchase 2 and give a friend of mine to try it since she was spending a mint at the laundry mat and she had a dryer at home. I never tried mine until I got feedback from her. After hearing about how clean her laundry was and how dirty the first water looked, I decided to give it a try . I was blown out of my mind because of the capacity this little gas cylinder shaped plastic item and its performance. It does wash clean and my whites come out so white. I was able to wash pajamas, sweaters, undergarments that day and I must say it gave good exercise to my broken arms too. This is a cool investment and you can take it anywhere you need it.

Posted on 1/4/14 by Valeta

wonder clean washer

I had mine for 14 years till I dropped a 4x4 timber on it by accident, and it busted it,but over all it work great, I will buy one in the future, it was great

Posted on 3/24/12 by rafael t

So glad I bought this

I wonder if people will laugh at my review or if I'll exhaust the word-omit in this window. But Maybe it will please at least one person, because when I read reviews, espcially if I'm having a hard time deciding something, I like details! So... I'm an apartment dweller without a washer/dryer or car of my own. I've spent time and cabfare going to a laundromat until I started doing small loads of clothes in my bathtub a few months ago. I bought an extra (plastic) shower rod and put it up high over the middle of my tub and I hang things from it to dry. I seldom even wring them out, I just put them up and let them drip-dry for a day. Then I saw this gadget on the internet and decided to try it. I've used it three times now and I really like it. I also bought some accoutrements for it: a stout wooden "tv tray" wider than the washer's base, a cheap little bathroom floor scale (I didn't have one anyway) and a small wire-mesh waste basket from the dollar store. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tell what "3 lbs" versus "5 lbs" of clothes is, and the instructions are based partly on that: 1 to 5 pounds. The instructions also make you determine a specified amount of water. It might have been a nice touch if the designers had put water marks inside like a big coffee pot has, but since I plan on doing "full" loads most of the time, I put in 6 quarts and saw where that level should be. Unlike a regular pay-for washing mac

Posted on 1/2/12 by Pamela

PERFECT for Cloth Diapers!!!

LOVE this! It took me a few tries to get the hang of it (ratio of detergent, warm/hot water, clothes, etc.), but once I did, I fell in love with this! We use it to wash cloth diapers and it works amazingly well, even with my thicker all-in-one diapers. Know that if you do use it on something with multiple layers (such as AIOs), you'll want to add a bit more detergent, make the water fairly warm/hot, and give it a few extra cranks and rinse well. This washer keeps our house much cooler in the summer and it's really lowered our utility bills all year round. It only takes a few minutes of work and then all is clean again. I can't wait to try this out when we go camping. Awesome investment!

Posted on 10/10/11 by Jen

Excellent Customer Service!

Update: I was promptly contacted by a customer service rep after posting a review concerning missing components. They are sending me TWO replacement feet and have been more than helpful. I will only be shopping at Emergency Essentials for my family's preparedness/emergency items from now on out. Excellent prices, high quality products, diverse product selection, very fast delivery, and OUTSTANDING cutsomer service. THANK YOU!

Posted on 8/23/11 by Sara

Wonder washer is correct

I use this primarily to wash my underclothes that I don't want stretched out of shape in the regular washer. It works fantastically. We've also used it for emergencies when the power is out, on camping trips and to do a "quick" wash when one of my grandsons spills juice on his shirts rather than run the big washing machine or take the chance of stains setting in. This washer is absolutely wonderful.

Posted on 6/16/11 by Sherrie A

Camping grandkids

I recently took 5 grandkids camping for five days. I was amazed at how many dirty clothes the children had. This handy wash tool saved the day. We were able to keep their clothes washed up daily in about 15 min. Their parents were amazed when we arrived back home with clean clothes.

Posted on 5/21/11 by royce


This little wonder works for washing small loads. I decided to test it with some of my husbands really dirty farming clothes - 1 pair of jeans, 1 long sleeve shirt and pair of very dirty socks all came out very clean. The only bummer is having to wring out the water. But it definitely beats using an old fashioned washboard!

Posted on 4/28/11 by Mary


WOW! I have only done large loads of heavily soiled clothes and it works great. I do not know why the directions say that hand rinsing is an option when the machine rinses so quickly and well(better than by hand).Hint:Do do 2(two) rinses.

Posted on 4/28/11 by Brenda

Good, but be careful

This is a wonderful machine, but follow instructions carefully, because you can easily strip the plastic screw in the knob. I thought I had the lid locked when I didn't, and stripped the screw trying to tighten the lid anyway.

Posted on 10/22/10 by Dolores J. N

Needs some work

This item is OK but has some serious design issues in my opinion. It is good for doing small loads but if you have a large family like our with 6 people and rely on this well do not plan on wearing much or hope that you live in a warm climate where clothing material is light weight. I would suggest making the following design changes make the base stronger the flimsy plastic just does not cut it and is cheap, supply clamps with it to brace it to a table top while using, and lastly add a drain hole for the water with a inner perforated inner lining so after washing you can drain the water out with out having to take the cap off and thus spin it again to help wring the water out some more from the cloths. I rated this product with a 3 mainly because of the cheap flimsy base and the the need for clamps to restrain it while using. Other then that it works well and will be try using it summer when we go camping for a week.

Posted on 2/5/10 by Leo

wonderful washer


Posted on 2/2/10 by WILLIAM

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Tech Specs
14” Wide X 12” Deep X about 20” tall
approximately 4 lbs.
Delicate fabrics:
80-90° F/Luke warm.
Nylon and white color synthetics:
100-110° F/warm
White synthetics and cotton blends:
115-125° F/Hand hot
Colorfast cottons and linens
135-145° F/Hot
White cottons and linens:
190-195° F/very hot
Additional Info
How it works: The principle of operation is based on the physics laws of pressure and heat. The hot water heats the air inside the container. The heated air "tries" to expand but is prevented so by the hermetically sealed container. When the expansion of the air is prevented, the result is that the pressure is built up inside the container. This pressure causes the soap and water to penetrate forcefully through the garment and the stains are released. Turning the container causes the previously released stain to be removed from the garment.
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