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White 6" Lightstick - 8 Hour



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Simply bend, snap and shake for a light that lasts approximately 8 hours. Simply bend, snap and shake for a light that lasts approximately 8 hours. Lightsticks are a safe, reliable source of light in an emergency, or for your camping, boating, and recreational activities. They are also ideal for holiday fun and safety, and can work as a flare in your auto emergency kit. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and weatherproof. A valuable addition to your emergency kits!

Go with what you know

Go with what you know....I am always leery about ordering anything on-line. I like to see it, touch it; try it ... so when ordering something for the first time I went with a product I am familiar with. I was extremely happy with my purchase! The light sticks were new production and had an expiration date of 2013. Also, best price I have found on similar products on other sites. (Especially with the flat shipping and ordering other items!) Thanks Emergency Essentials, I will be placing another order soon!

Posted on 7/23/10 by Ralph E

Good Duration and Shelf Life

The sticks that came in my order were Cyalumes, and had a use-by date of 01/14. A test stick stayed bright overnight (about 8 hours) but was dimmer by the morning. Very good sticks.

Posted on 12/9/09 by Peter

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Tech Specs
Weight: 0.8 oz
Dimensions: 6” long x 0.625” diameter
  • White 6" Lightstick - 8 Hour
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