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The Wavelength is an all-in-one hand crank flashlight and AM/FM Radio. The Wavelength™ is an all-in-one hand crank flashlight and AM/FM Radio. One minute of hand cranking charges the internal NiMH battery to generate up to 30 minutes of light or up to 12 minutes of radio play. Combining low energy consumption LED bulbs for extremely long life with an internal rechargeable battery system, the Wavelength™ is ideal for your light and communication needs in an emergency.

NOTE: To maintain battery health, charge unit every 3 to 6 months to prevent crystallizing.

Very Pleased

I saw a review of this product online and thought that it would be a great must have. The crank is lightweight and the product is easy to carry. It works very well and it didn't disappoint at all.

Posted on 7/9/13 by alisha


I couldn't wait to try out this crank radio and cell phone charger. It works great!

Posted on 4/17/12 by Kim

The best of it's kind

I have purchased and used up several of this type of flashlight. Cranking is better than shaking (tried both). I have used this to charge my dead cellphone (would not even finish powering on) and was able to complete a 3-5 min call with time to spare after 2 min of winding. You do need your cellphone's car charger. Radio works surprisingly well.

Posted on 7/25/10 by James H


This little unit is excellent, bright flash light, nice AM/FM radio and a charger, all by just cranking, works great!

Posted on 1/25/10 by gary


This is a wonderful little piece of equipment. I purchased it for the car and tested it, it works great in all avenues of use. Best investment I've made in a while!

Posted on 1/24/10 by gary

Great Value

Excellent for emergency at home or in the car. I gave them for Christmas Presents and they were a great hit. Radio had great reception for such a little device.

Posted on 12/26/08 by D. Gaede

Value packed device!!!

This value packed product delivers Light to see by, information via AM FM radio, and the ability to charge a cell phone. The radio reception is impressive. It's compact and a Good emergency back up.

Posted on 11/22/08 by Dewey

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Tech Specs
shipping weight 8.6 oz.
approx. 6” x approx. 2.5” wide x approx. 2.5” thick
Crank Time Yield:
LED Flashlight: 1 minute crank time yields up to 30 minutes of light
AM/FM Radio: 1 minute crank time yields up to 12 minutes of radio use
Cell Phone Charger: 2-3 minutes crank time yields up to 8 minutes of talk time
The unit provides:
A 3-LED super-bright mode
A 1-LED bright mode

Unit should be charged every 3-6 months to keep battery from crystalizing.
2 turns per second is generally necessary to product enough electricity to charge devices

Additional Info
Does not charge Apple products
  • Wavelength Emergency Radio - Charger and Flashlight
  • Wavelength Emergency Radio - Charger and Flashlight
  • Wavelength Emergency Radio - Charger and Flashlight