Water Barrel - 15 Gallon Drum



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A 15-gallon water barrel is one of the easiest, most efficient ways to maintain your long-term permanent home water storage supply. Each 15-gallon water barrel provides enough water for drinking, cooking, and light personal sanitation for one individual. This amount is recommended as a minimum supply of emergency water.

  • The dark blue color of this 15 gallon barrel restricts light and helps control growth of harmful algae and bacteria
  • New and ready to use
  • No additional shipping cost beyond our normal shipping charges
  • Made from Heavy-duty, thick, high molecular weight polyethylene FDA-approved resin and BPA free
  • Value $49.95

See 'Additional Information’ for tips and recommendations.
Tech Specs
Water Drum dimensions: 23 1/4" x 14 5/8"
Water barrel weight after filling with water is approximately 129 lbs.
Additional Info
  • Water Barrel - 15 Gallon Drum
  • Water Barrel - 15 Gallon Drum
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