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Cooking in an emergency doesn’t have to be a challenge—the Volcano Collapsible Stove is a versatile, easy-to-use, and effective cooking option. Cooking in an emergency doesn’t have to be a challenge—the Volcano Collapsible Stove is a versatile, easy-to-use, and effective cooking option. This combo includes accessories you need to get cooking with the Volcano: the Volcano Collapsible Stove, propane burner, the Lid for Volcano, a set of flexible skewers, and Cookbook and Technical Manual. Fuel sold separately.

Great for cookouts, camping, or emergencies. Uses charcoal, wood or propane (with attachment) and can easily change between fuel sources. You can grill right on the stove, use a skillet, griddle, pot, wok or Dutch oven. You can cook a meal with as few as 12 briquettes. .A safer cooking options with small children present because of its minimal heat transfer. Collapses to only 5.5” tall for easy storage in included storage bag.


Just got it last week, so far fits all the rave reviews I have already read. One thing not addressed in other reviews or the info available on line, the propane burner comes set up for connection to a 5 gallon tank, not the 1 pound tanks, must purchase adapter for that separately. Personally now that I have used it with so few briquets, and the above mentioned tank issue, I would not purchase the propane burner.

Posted on 4/17/12 by maggie

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Tech Specs
Included accessories: Volcano collapsible grill
Bottom grate - Use this for charcoal or wood
Diffuser plate - Place on top of Propane burner for more even heat. If you like to grill with briquettes, place your briquettes on this for a better searing temperature
Top Grill - (Approx 13" diameter. 144 square inches of cooking surface)
Instruction manual and cookbook
Carrying case that is made of 500 denier nylon and will hold everything included. Has a top pocket for grill storage
Weight = 19lbs
Shipping dimensions 18 X 18 X 6
                  Footprint when open. 19.5" diameter circle
Weight when open - 10.75 inches
Made from cold rolled steel
Additional Info
We have an excellent article and pizza recipe using the Volcano Collapsible Grill. Please visit:Food Storage Pizzas Note that you can cook easily using briquettes or wood rather than propane as featured in this article.
The Collapsible Volcano combines a variety of cooking options with easy portability. As the name suggests, this Volcano model collapses down to 5” and is easily transported in the included storage bag. This stove can be used with charcoal or wood and is highly efficient.
The Collapsible Volcano utilizes a unique heating chamber that channels the heat upwards towards your food; reducing heat loss and increasing efficiency. This also means that the area surrounding the stove remains surprisingly cool, allowing you to cook with the stove on a variety of surfaces.
Opening and closing the Collapsible Volcano is very easy. In its closed position the unit is only 5” high x 15.5” diameter, by simply pulling up on the handle, the entire grill pops open to 10.5” high, the legs unfold, and you have a highly efficient, self-contained stove. To close the stove, (please wait until is cool to the touch to do so) simply lift up from the bottom, the stove retracts within itself and the legs fold under the body.
Formally known as the Volcano II.
  • Volcano Collapsible Stove Combo
  • Outdoor Gear Volcano Collapsible Stove Combo (shown with accessories)
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