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A food storage and preparedness plan must! No emergency food storage plan is complete without an electricity-free grain mill A food storage and preparedness plan must! No emergency food storage plan is complete without an electricity-free grain mill The Victorio® hand-operated grain mill has a precision stainless steel milling cone that is durable and designed for years of use. It provides the ability to grind bread-quality flour when you don’t have access to electricity.

It grinds wheat, rice, oats, barley, non-oily seeds, peppercorns, and other dry grains and spices. An adjustable milling cone lets you grind coarse or fine and everything in between. Perfect for a quick serving of cracked wheat cereal. It comes with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Includes instruction guide.

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Grain Mill

I just got my Vitorio hand grain mill, and find it to be of most excellent quality and design. I also purchased a #10 can of Hard White Wheat so I could try it out B4 it is needed. Two full cups of berries, just under 3 cups ground, 10 minutes and 687cranks(YES I am OC). I really like it and seeing as how the moving parts are quality machining it should last a very long time. Thank you EE for lowering the price. I searched elsewhere when it was still 90 bucks and was undecided. It arrived here in a timely manner. Service is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 3/6/14 by akalls

Fun tool

Bought this essentially for fun, and to know it's in my "back pocket" in the event of emergency situations. So far, it's a great tool that works exactly as promised. Ground bulgur wheat very finely which I used in Yorkshire Pudding. Look forward to seeing how it works with Barley, Oats and other grains soon. This is a sturdy grinder which feels secure on the countertop when mounted, and which grinds flour quickly. A full cup in maybe 10 minutes or less!

Posted on 12/10/13 by mgoodst


We purchased this little grain mill a few years back and have used it quite successfully to grind hard white winter wheat for bread. I can't compare it to an electric mill because I have never had one.

We have no problems with the feed, and our flour is better than what we used to buy at the store. It is easy to assemble and clamp to our work bench. I am very small, not particularly strong and 67 years old but in 15 minutes, can easily grind more flour than I need for two standard loaves of bread. For an inexpensive grain mill, I say it is dependable and easy to use, turning out a good product. I give it five out of five stars.

Posted on 12/7/13 by Bonnie

Very Nice

At first glance:
An excellent and inexpensive mill to have handy. Great for milling your own spices and grinding your own grains.

Easy assembly
Easy cleaning
Sturdy looking clamp
No nonsense craftsmanship

The intake cloggs rather easily.
Milling mixed grains tends to enhance the clogging feature.
The clamp is limited, so be ready to modify your working surface.
Expect to tighten the clamp every 5 to 10 minutes.

This is not a flour mill. If you want flour, purchase a flour mill. Think of this as a very big pepper grinder. In that frame of thought you will be absolutely thrilled with this device.

Personal Thoughts:
I blend and grind my own spices, and have been wanting to play with blended grains for a while now. This grinder is a Godsend for me. Kudos!

{Addition from Emergency Essentials - Thanks MelonDrift! While it's true that our electric mills will grind finer flour than our hand-powered models, the Victorio Hand Grain mill produces a flour with a fineness that can be used for bread, rolls, and in just about any baking. Compared to past mills we've carried in this price range, the Victorio offers the finest flour setting both in appearance and performance. Clogging is more common with lightweight grains (rolled oats for example) or spices as they aren't heavy enough to easily push product down into the chamber, so some gentle tapping on the mill is sometimes needed to help move light weight grains or spices along. Thank you for your very thorough review!}

Posted on 4/29/13 by MelonDrift

Don't Buy This Unit - Victorio Hand Grain Mill

Purchased two of these hand grind mills and found that the cutting spindle does not mate well with the body and rub against the body. The inside area where the grain feeds into the cutting spindle is too small: I am unable to grind even small beans into flour, because the beans clog up there. Anything larger than medium grain will clog up, so think about a larger mill instead of this model.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for the review Nate. The hand grain mill definitely works best on grains over legumes (beans) due to the larger size of legumes. The chamber design targets use with grains and works like a charm. If the mill is coming into contact with the burr, that sounds like a defective unit which is extremely rare. Contact our customer service manager so we can handle this concern and fit you with a mill that works for well for legumes. We do want you to be more than satisfied with each product you receive from us}

Posted on 4/9/13 by Nate

Good quality several minor issues

I bought this grinder due to the cheap price to try grinding flour. This is a good grinder if you lost power or in an emergency. We bought several pails of the wheat and thought it would be fun to make bread. We were in for a surprise at the amount of work it takes to grind the flour by hand. Grinding enough flour to make a loaf of bread would take quite some time indeed and a lot of manual work. I would recommend purchasing this grinder as a backup emergency grinder but plan on an electric grinder as your primary means of grinding grains.

Posted on 8/26/12 by Brad

Great Little Mill

This is a great little mill. I have a Whisper Mill (that I love), and had once another hand-crank mill made in Columbia that wasn't very good. This one is so handy. Take it out, grind what you want, tap it a few times upside down to get out the grain and remaining dust, and put it away. We really love it.

Posted on 2/12/12 by Richard R

Five Star Value

Having recently purchased several Superpails of wheat to diversify my food storage, acquiring a quality grain mill to allow me more options to process it was now a requirement. Unable to justify spending hundreds of dollars for a device that would most likely see very little use (in my circumstance) I opted to purchase the Victorio. I'm honestly very impressed with the quality and value of the mill overall. I've used it several times to make flour and the end results did not disappoint.

Posted on 10/23/11 by Brett

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Tech Specs

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Victorio Hand Grain Mill Manual
  • Net weight: 2 lbs 12 ounces
  • Box Dimensions: 2 ¾” x 2 3/4 “ x 13 ½”
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Additional Info
    • Adjustable coarse setting adjustments which grinds coarse to fine
    • Cone-shaped grinding burrs are self aligning, made of cast stainless steel, and are precision machined to insure long life and smooth, even milling
    • Grinds about 1/2 cup of fine flour or 1 cup of coarse flour per minute
    • Make your own delicious whole grain breads, cracked grain cereals, and other bakery items at a fraction of the cost of store-bought .
    • Clamps securely to a solid table or counter
    • Stores easily in a drawer or cupboard and is always handy when you need it.
    • 2 year limited warranty from manufacture
    • Victorio Hand Grain Mill
    • Victorio Hand Grain Mill