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Stop the cookin’ and stay good lookin’! Cool your summer burns with this after-sun salve. Have no fear! Sunburn Rescue is here! Cool your summer burns with this after-sun salve. The amazing, quick-action relief of Burn Free now comes in a sunburn formula. This hydrogel is formulated with ingredients that stops the progression of sunburns by removing the heat and minimizing the effects of sunburns. Burnfree’s Sunburn Rescue also includes tea tree oil to help cool and soothe topical burns.

For nearly 20 years, BurnFree has been a leading first-aid burn care product used by militaries, EMTs, and medical professionals across the globe.

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Tech Specs
Ingredients: purified water, tea tree oil, emulsifiers and preservatives.

Instructions: For maximum relief from discomfort of sunburn and to help halt the progression of the burn. Be generous in applying Burnfree Sunburn Rescue to your skin immediately after sun exposure and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Do not rub into the skin. Re-apply as often as you’d like.
Additional Info
Sunburn Rescue is a hydrogel, so it stops burns by pulling the heat out of burn; the heat in the gel causes evaporation so the heat moves into the air, and away from the burn site.

Note: You shouldn’t use Sunburn Rescue on any part of a burn that has broken the skin, but for minor burns BurnFree is the product you want. Be generous in applying it to your burnt skin, and apply as frequently as you like. You’ll see the result and feel the cool down quickly.
  • Sunburn Rescue by Burnfree
  • Sunburn Rescue by Burnfree
  • Sunburn Rescue by Burnfree
  • Sunburn Rescue by Burnfree