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Package your own food for long-term storage using this quality metalized storage bag. Package your own food for long-term storage using this quality metalized storage bag. This food grade storage bag measures 20.5” x 30” and makes a great liner for buckets to help block out oxygen and moisture. The bag is sealed on the sides and bottom with an open top for easy-filling and then sealing. Works with four, five and six gallon buckets. These bags are non-permeable which means that your food or other stored items, will be better protected against the elements that cause deterioration including oxygen and moisture. These are the same bags that are used to package our Emergency Essentials® SuperPails™.

We recommend using 2000 CC oxygen absorbers to ensure your items are packaged properly for long-term storage.

Long Term Storage

I started using these bags from Emergency Essentials about 15 years ago for grain storage. Some sealed in 5 gallon buckets; but most lightly sealed (with the small hot sealer device) and stacked in 55 gallon drums. I recently malted (sprouted and kiln dried) some stored red winter wheat and it was perfect. If it has been stored properly. Buy these bags.

Posted on 9/16/14 by Garyinwintersca


Bags seem to work great. Sealed without a problem using a clothes iron set on medium. They are a touch big for a 5-gallon bucket, creating a bit of a learning curve when sealing them. However, this should allow you to open a re-seal the bag at least once, possibly more.

All-in-all a great product.

Posted on 1/24/14 by Robert

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Tech Specs
3 oz.
30” long x 20” wide
4 mil
Additional Info
Watch our video to learn how to properly package and seal these bags at home using a warm iron.

For use with 4.25, 5 and 6 gallon buckets.
For a long-term seal, use with 2000 CC oxygen absorbers:
  • 0-15 lbs. of product requires 3 2000CC oxygen absorbers
  • 16-35 lbs. of product requires 2 2000CC oxygen absorbers
  • 35+ lbs. of product requires 1 2000CC oxygen absorber
    • Metalized Liner for Buckets